2011 Best Breads and Rolls Recipes

I’m not a resolution kinda person. I make myself some promises, hoping I’m keeping them, but I can’t call them resolutions.
This year I promised myself to find time to learn a couple of new bread techniques, like making sourdough with my own starter, or roux bread, learning more about flours and experimenting with as many as possible. I hope I won’t get upset after a couple of mistakes. Wish me luck!
But before I share my opinions on those techniques and ingredients with you let’s take a look back of what 2011 brought in my kitchen
Grape and Raisin Flat-bread | Roxanashomebaking.com
Three cheese buns | Roxanashomebaking.com
Olive oil Rosemary Bread | Roxanashomebaking.com
Multiseed pillows | Roxanashomebaking.com
Whole-wheat flat bread | Roxanashomebaking.com
Roasted vegetable dip and pita chips | Roxanashomebaking.com
Braided milk bread | Roxanashomebaking.com
Coconut Pumpkin Bread | Roxanashomebaking.com
Coconut Buns | Roxanashomebaking.com
Cottage cheese crescents | Roxanashomebaking.com
Garlic rolls | Roxanashomebaking.com
Pani Popo | roxanashomebaking.com
Butter Buns | Roxanashomebaking.com
Apple walnut bread | Roxanashomebaking.com
pull apart cheese herb bread | roxanashomebaking.com


Is there any baking technique or ingredient you’d like me to work with and share my opinions? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Sending love your way,

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    Hello! My name is Roxana and I'm a self-taught baker, wanna-be photographer and the writer behind Roxana's Home Baking, where I share original and adapted scratch recipes. 

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  1. Pegasuslegend says

    What a great roundup this must be for me? I am a breadaholic! these are all wonderful I love this post! Happy New Year great job!

  2. Kristen says

    I am a carb lover to the extreme. I think I could spend all day just drooling over your breads. The garlic rolls and herbed pull aparts and the walnut bread and the…See, I cannot choose a favorite!!

  3. Anita says

    Wow, I love this post. Great recipes, I think my favorite here are the garlic buns. They look absolutely perfect. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh bread in your kitchen. Good luck and Happy New Year!

  4. The Mom Chef says

    All of them? They look absolutely delicious. If I had to choose one though, it would be the regular loaves of yeast bread. For some reason mine end up more like bricks than the light and fluffy creations they're supposed to be. All of yours are gorgeous.

  5. Radhika says

    Your space is a treasure trove Roxana. It is a promise to myself this year that I would learn to make breads this year and find many lovely recipes at your space. Thanks for sharing them and looking forward to many more delights from you.

  6. sweetpeaskitchen.com says

    What an awesome roundup!! I am a huge bread fan. You have so many yummy recipes I don't know where to start. (although those coconut buns are calling my name!!) 😉

  7. Sandra says

    Ahh bread, rolls..my favorite food! every single look sooo good! You did awesome job in 2011, I can wait to see you in action in 2012!!!

  8. Archana says

    Wow these are so fabulous!! Atleast this year, I have promised myself, I will make better bake at least once a month. This is one place I will be visiting and will ask my questions as I get down to the actual job of making bakes. Thanks for sharing them and will love to see many new bakes from you.

    Wish you a very happy new year.

    Thanks for your lovely comment at my space.

  9. Maggie says

    Oh my gosh, all your breads look so good! I am going to save this post for future use. I love baking bread and several of these are so unique I can't wait to try them! Happy New Year!

  10. Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com says

    your breads are always awesome. I can't imagine you failing ! I need to try one of your braided breads this year.

  11. Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts says

    Look at all those gorgeous breads! I love fresh bread, and you always make great ones. Good luck with your promise, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  12. Tina says

    After seeing these, I think that your house must have a permanent homemade bread aroma. However, I am sure that your family is more interested in the actual bread than the aroma! Glad you did this recap because some of these goodies I missed. You had a great year of posts in 2011 and I am sure with your talent, 2012 postings will be as delicious as ever!

  13. Gina says

    So much yummy bread, I like baking bread, it's one of my favorite things actually. I don't make resolutions either, because I usually forget about them in a couple of weeks. Wow you have really changed things up over here, looks great. Happy New Years.

  14. Wendy Irene says

    I would love to try making a sourdough starter too! I am excited it is on your list to learn and can't wait to see how it comes out for you. Have a happy day, Roxana!

  15. Gloria says

    Roxana I love all your breads and buns recipes, look delicious and love make bread, I bookmarked this when I make a buns or breads. Thanks a lot. Happy New Year again!:)

  16. Kitchen Belleicious says

    Love them all! How do i even chose a favorite- no problem I won't chose and I will just make them all! LOL!

  17. Jan says

    I am pretty bread-obsessed, so I love this recap! Everything looks so yummy! Plus, I had missed your post on those garlic buns (which look divine!), so I'm glad I caught your recap 😉

  18. janet@fromcupcakestocaviar says

    All of those look delicious, Roxana. I've had the multi seed pillows bookmarked ever since you posted those. I really really need to get around to making them… and everything else on this list 😀

  19. Vivian @ EATandLOVE says

    I love making bread and all of these have me itching to get into the kitchen and start baking. Yummy to all of them! I recently found your blog and find myself drooling on every post. :) I am a new follower!

  20. Cake Duchess says

    Those butter buns…mmm!Actually, each and every one of them are yummy! You're such a talented bread baker. Happy New Year Roxanaxo

  21. Jeannie says

    Hi Roxana, I must say that I love your last post on the pull apart bread, less messy than the version I have tried. Will give this a try when I have time. Happy New Year:)

  22. Katerina says

    As I was scrolling down the page I didn't know which one to choose from these beautifully made breads. I can't wait to see what new types you will make this year! A very Happy and Prosperous 2012 to you!

  23. Junia says

    these look bakery perfect! i love your garlic rolls and pull apart cheesy bread – they are so inviting! :) looking forward to another year of baking and good food from you!

  24. Emily says

    I really enjoy all of the rolls and buns you come up with. I am pretty good on the basic breads but you always take it up a notch. Great round up! This is the one thing I really want to work on this year.

  25. mividaenundulce says

    This is an excellent roundup Roxana. You can't imagine how much I enjoy baking bread, well…really…how much I enjoy eating bread.

  26. julie says

    Roxana, you are the bread queen! Each bread looks better than the next. I'm wanting to do more in that department as well. Have you read how to bake a perfect life yet? She runs a bakery and creates some of the most unique starters. I think testing out some creative starters might be a fun direction to take. have a wonderful weekend!

  27. The Harried Cook says

    Happy New Year, Roxana! I have missed you & your blog so much :) How is your little Tiffany? Love that I came back to this post! I thought I would go through them and bookmark the ones I want to try, but it looks like I want to try almost all of them! Delicious looking! Can't wait to browse thru the other recipes I've missed! It's good to be back!

  28. Nami | Just One Cookbook says

    Happy New Year Roxana! Gee, you are amazing… I'm bookmarking this link (of course) in case I become a baker (just kidding! Okay I WILL be… :-) One day!!!). I'm crazy about bread and I seriously go way beyond I should eat. Your bread looks so good and I am not quite sure how you control the eating portion. I know I will have a hard time! Looking forward to your new posts this year.

  29. Terra says

    Oh I love love this list! I adore homemade bread, you have such a gorgeous mix of recipes you have made. I love the grape and raisin bread, so unique to use the grapes:-) Hugs, Terra

  30. mike @the culinary lens says

    Bread baking is part of my New Years Resolution also. This is a great collection. Glad to have "Stumbled" upon it. I have this bookmarked for a re visit

  31. www.you-made-that.com says

    Roxana, you make such beautiful bread I'm sure your new experimentation will be wonderful too. Happy New Year :)

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