Apricot orange Kugelhopf

 A cross between a bread and cake, this no knead apricot orange Kugelhopf  yeast coffee cake is packed with chopped dried apricots and brushed with an orange apricot preserve.
Apricot orange coffee cake - A cross between a bread and cake packed with chopped dried apricots and brushed with an orange apricot preserve. Recipe from Roxanashomebaking.com

I have always been interested in other countries’ cuisines. There’s something always new to discover through their traditional meals and it makes me feel I’m on a world-wide adventure while still in my kitchen.

Romanian cuisine is not as well known as others and we don’t really have too many  “dishes” we can call ours, lots of them are found throughout Europe under different names.

Kugelhopf (in Romanian guguluf) is a no knead coffee cake, originally from Austria, Swiss and South Germany baked in a special bundt pan, most of the time packed dried fruits and nuts and cherry brandy. I left out the cherry brandy and chose to give my Kugelhopf a summery flavor. Dried apricots, orange zest, chopped almonds and freshly ground cardamom seemed fitting.

Apricot orange coffee cake - A cross between a bread and cake packed with chopped dried apricots and brushed with an orange apricot preserve. Recipe from Roxanashomebaking.com

The recipe for this apricot orange Kugelhopf coffee cake comes from Red Star Yeast. I didn’t change almost anything to their recipe, except brushing it once done and cooled with some apricot preserve mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice for an extra flavor instead of the orange glaze found on Red Star Yeast website.

Apricot orange Kugelhopf recipe

Being a cross between a bread and a cake makes it perfect to be taken to a picnic. And I’m not taking this apricot orange Kugelhopf to any picnic, but one in the company of some amazing food bloggers.

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  1. Barbara Bradford says

    Well I was going to make some plain old Chocolate Cupcakes, but after seeing all of the terrific ideas I am definitely going to have to do something with those adorable ants !!!

  2. The Partiologist says

    Oh my goodness, this looks so delicious, I almost ate my computer screen! That coffee cake recipe will be one I’ll have to try and your photography is stunning!

  3. says

    I want this cake every day not just for the picnic. I adore apricots. The glaze makes me want to jump and make this right now.I actually have some fresh apricots on the counter. Beautiful pictures Roxana.

  4. Cathy Pollak ~ Noble Pig says

    Totally digging this. Reminds me of my mom and all her baking! Love the flavors too.

  5. Liz says

    I would like the $50.00 store credit to purchase something I need like a silpat and or a mixer. I love your recipes. You are very talented. Thank you.

  6. Gloria R. says

    On our next picnic I was thinking, that Brownie Bottom Cheesecake looks so good.
    Slice it ahead of time and wrap the slices individually and we’re ready to go. :)

  7. Gloria R. says

    I would love to win the $50 for The Cookie Cutter Company Store. It seems there are always cutters that I need even with the bunch I do have. One can never have enough Cookie Cutters can one? :)

  8. Betsy says

    All the prizes sound great, however, the restaurantware website is awesome! I would love to win that prize! Thanks for sharing, now I know where to get my party supplies, esp helpful with a

  9. lisa says

    All the prizes are great, but I would love the RW gift certificate. There are always little specialty things I want, but never think to pick up. I could purchase a bunch at one time!!

  10. Sherry Ondrovich says

    Watermelon is my favorite picnic food. Great giveaway but I would love The Cookie Cutter Company credit!

  11. SandyN says

    I’d love to win the Cookie Cutter store credit. Sounds like an interesting store that I’d love to check out! :)

  12. Lauren Mitchell says

    I will be making some cute-little cake pops because I can’t seem to get enough of them!! Adorable! Thanks for the giveaway! Hopefully I will have some luck :)

  13. Lauren Mitchell says

    Any of the prizes woul be great, but I would love to add the Treat Pops Kit.. simply because I have never made any pops before!

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