Rice and beans

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baked rice and beans | roxanashomebaking.com

My husband is probably one of the pickiest eaters I’ve met. We’re so different when it comes to eating. 
I’m more of an experimental type of person. When we eat out I, most of the time, choose something I haven’t tried before. When I see a new ingredient at the store I buy a little and try it at home. I pretty much eat all kinds of veggies and fruit. Except artichokes. I don’t like the way they look. Sounds weird, I know.

Hubby on the other hand has a long list of foods hehas never tried nor does he intend to. Sometimes I hate it, especially when Imake a new dish that turns out so good I lick the plate clean. He won’t touchit no matter what I do or say. Sometimes I love it, especially when I don’tfeel like cooking a fancy dinner. Hubby is a happy camper if I serve him riceand beans 5-6 nights a week. Add some sliced avocado or some guacamole and dinneris served.
I tried different ways of cooking rice: slowcooking, steaming, cooking it like you’d cook pasta but lately I used to cookthe rice in the oven. We agreed, this way it turns out the best rice.

Please follow me to Radhika’s blog for the complete list of ingredients and directions.

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  1. Curry and Comfort says

    I have a picky eater in my family too.. my son. He's sees and onion and it's a battle to get him to eat something. I can't cook savory without onions so I'm always trying to sneak it past him. Now rice and beans is something he would love too. Must be a picker eater club special. :) Thanks for introducing me to this dish… I must give a go. :)

  2. thecompletecookbook says

    I also have a picky eater husband Roxana – I just wish I could get my hubby to eat rice for than once every blue moon! That would be a good start. I love the idea of baking rice in the oven so I'm off to have a look at the recipe.
    :-) Mandy

  3. Kiri W. says

    Sounds familiar! My wife is very, very picky and always falls back on familiar staples, while I love to go crazy and eat almost anything. However, my wife loves almost any form of carbs, and rice is very high up on her list. Now, beans are an entirely different matter….

  4. Kristen says

    Picky eaters can be the bane of our foodie existence sometimes. However, it is a challenge that you have risen to nicely. Those rice and beans look delicious.

  5. sweetpeaskitchen.com says

    Oh picky eaters…luckily my husband is not a picker eater to I usually don't have to think twice before I decide to make something. Your rice and bean dis looks great! :)

  6. Junia says

    i didn't know u could bake rice in the oven! i'm gonna try making this!!! i usually rice cook (steam), pressure cook, or cook on the stove. you are very lucky actually since your hubby is predictable and he likes certain foods – makes things easier! hahaha. have a great day roxana!

  7. Sandra says

    Thankfully mine is eating everything what I put in front of him..but if don't like it, he just say I am not that hungry hehee
    My youngest son is picky eater..
    This recipe is fantastic, we love rice, and beans..would have to try it even though I can't eat beans that much anymore. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!!!!

  8. Jean (Lemons and Anchovies) says

    Will check out you link but I just had to say that my husband and yours sound so much alike when it comes to food I could have written this post! He would eat rice and beans every day if he could! :)

  9. Emily says

    This is perfect timing. My husband is really sick and needs some simple food to get by with. I am making this for sure.

  10. Radhika says

    Thank you Roxana for sending over such a delicious preparation from your kitchen. baking the rice is a new concept to me and I loved the idea. Shall try it out my way and let you know.

  11. Dionne Baldwin says

    I had to read your post three times because I kept thinking to myself, I wonder what her lighting setup is like? Crystal clear pictures, I bet her aperature is set at least to – and her lighting must be crazy bright to take those incredible shots! :)

    I can only speak for myself but I would totally eat each and every thing I've seen you make no matter what. I've even tried raw octopus with the suction cups and all. Tripe too. Yuck. Even your rice and beans look delicious and I am not a fan of those lol.

    Thank you for all that you do.

  12. Deeps @ Naughty Curry says

    looks yum, such beautifl pics. This uncle of mine is exactly the same wont try anything new & i just dont understand it :)

  13. MyFudo™ says

    It's a good thing my hubby is an adventurous eater just like me… We love to eat new, exotic and interesting dishes (sometimes too much that I have hypersensitivity attacks every now and often, but that is another blog, all together) I would love to try this rice and beans that you posted. Baking rice is the new way to go. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Pacheco Patty says

    Gorgeous photos, love the red serving dish!
    I feel like my husband is a picky eater- for somebody who loves to eat as much as he does!
    I eat pretty much everything including artichokes,lol!

  15. Mihaela says

    Roxana, I like this rice dish, I will give it a try, I have some turmeric and I didn't know what to use it for :) Have a great week-end!

  16. Christy says

    Oh dear, I sound a little like your hubby too:p
    I am a very very picky eater myself, and can be really stubborn and hard to convince when it just comes to exotic or food I am not familiar with:p
    Hehe, I hope I don't come across as annoying too…:p

  17. Andrea says

    I just started making rice and beans. I love your yellow rice. My family really likes the white. I will have to try this. thanks

  18. Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes says

    Hi Roxana,

    It's funny that you blogged about this, because my husband was just like yours–happy with anything I put on the table, which was often rice and beans. Now that I'm blogging, I am trying new dishes for the blog and he now stares blankly when I put rice and beans in front of him. I miss those good old bean-and-rice days.

    When I saw your post and its simple beauty, I'm reminded of how inviting rice and beans can be. Perhaps if I present it as you have here on your blog. I'm glad you sent to me (via Stumble Upon). I'll be sure to share it with my husband.


  19. Nami | Just One Cookbook says

    Hi Roxana! I sometimes wish that my husband is not so gourmet in a way. He doesn't complain but he can be sort of high maintenance… It helps me improve my cooking but to be honest it can be tiring too. There are some easy food that he likes so I rely on those food when I don't feel like cooking. You are a great cook Roxana, you can "train" him to enjoy what YOU like! 😉 This rice is such a comfort food that everyone will enjoy! Looks yummy!

  20. Jeanette says

    My kids love rice and beans – wish my husband was a rice and beans lover. I've never tried baking rice and beans – definitely something to put on my to-try list.

  21. Priscilla - She's Cookin' says

    It's what we're having for dinner :) We're picky – we love rice and beans made with love – like this!

  22. jen laceda says

    I'm a rice girl, so this recipe is something I'd try! The beans in the rice is a good way for me to get non-heme protein also when I'm not in the mood to cook / eat meat. Love the colour of this dish.

  23. says

    I am like you, I love trying new ingredients and dishes. When I eat out, I have the server decide for me:-) Your red beans rice sound fantastic! Hugs, Terra

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