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Few days ago I asked on Facebook what would you like me to talk about in “behind the apron” October post and since most of you replied bakeware, here I’m, talking about baking pans.

The bakeware subject is pretty long so I decided to divide it into 2 (or even three) posts.

Today I’m show you some of my pans, the most used ones. The only pans I didn’t take a picture of were the cookie sheets but I’m hoping everyone has one and know its uses.

Let’s start with the round tart plus my favorite tart pan.

Round pans, also named cake pans, come in different sizes. I have 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11 inch pans. Most of them are springform pans.

Springform pans are made of two pieces. The bottom and the sides/walls. These type of pans are usually used for layer cakes and cheesecake.

These are great round pans, making the removal the cake from the pan an easy task. You have to keep in mind that after a while the pan somehow loosen and some runny batters might leak during baking. In this cake covering the bottom and the sides (on the outside) with aluminium foil is recommended.

Round pans can also be in one piece and these are mostly use when I bake a thin cake or when I bake the layers of the cake separately. Just invert the pan when cooled and you can easily remove the cake.

baking pans |

Other round pans are the pie/tart pans.

Just like the cake pans they come in different sizes and some are in one piece some are in two.

The most common one piece pan is the 9 inch pie pan. I don’t use it that often. Only when I don’t quite cake for the look of the pie (aka it’s not for the blog) because I hardly even can remove the pie from the pan.

My favorite pie pan is the one with loose bottom. Makes such a big difference when slicing and serving a pie. After it’s slightly cooled just push the bottom up and you can have the pie out of the pan without too much fuss. Simply slice and serve.

Most pie pans have high walls and are slightly angled (is that a word?)

There are also pans with about 1 inch tall straight walls and these type of pans are used for tarts and quiches.

Tart pans can also be rectangle and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rectangle tart pan in one piece, only with loose bottom.

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The most used pans in my kitchen are the rectangle/square pans. From cakes to brownies, blondiesbars, rolls and buns these pans make it to the top most use bakeware around here. They may be made of metal or glass.

I have 7×7, 8×8, 11×7 and 13×9 ich pans.

11×7 is also called brownie pan. If you find a recipe and calls for a brownie pan that’s the size you should use.

The rectangle pans come in one piece (although I’ve seen loose bottom ones) and it’s better to grease them or line with parchment paper before adding the batter.

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Other overly used bakeware are my bread and baguette pans.

Bread pans are usually referring to a deep (usually 3 inch) 9×5 inch dish. It’s used for the final rise of the dough and baking the loaf of bread.

If the pan is greased before placing the dough inside it, once the bread is baked and slightly cooled it’s easy to be separated. Turn the pan on one side and slowly pull the loaf of bread out. If it’s stuck to the pan, use a butter knife and slowly run it between the pan and the bread loosening it.

Bread pans come in all sorts of sizes and made from different materials. They can be made of metal, glass, ceramic or paper.

My favorite ones are the ceramic pans.

baking pans |

Time for some cupcakes. Or you’re a muffin lover? You can also use them for cinnamon rolls, mini monkey bread or bubble buns.

Muffin or cupcake pans come in different sizes. Mini, standard and jumbo and it refers to the volume of the muffin.

Mini muffin pans come with 12 or 24 holes. (do they make with 6 too?)

Standard muffin pans come with 6 or 12 holes. I have a vintage 8 holes muffin pan. I’ve seen also with 9 holes.

The jumbo muffin pan comes only with 6 holes.

 baking pans |

I have pans that are made just for one type of baking. Pans like donut pans, madeleines pans, and mini square cakes pan. They usually come in standard and mini size.

I don’t use them as often as I should.

That kinda wraps the most used baking pans in my kitchen. What are your most used pans?

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  1. Joan@Chocolate and More says

    You must have a whole room devoted just to your pans! I’m so jealous! I am trying to make it a point to get the pans with removable bottoms when ever I’m in the market now. And I also always line my bar pans with parchment paper at least up 2 sides to make it easy to lift out of the pan and then slice on a cutting board.

  2. Matt mmWine Horbund says

    Great Info. I don’t bake as much as you, so I have a much smaller collection. I did not notice any silicon items – any special reason?

  3. Lyn @LovelyPantry says

    I love posts like this, Roxana! lol! I Use my muffin pans the most but I do have most of what you have mentioned here. I’m getting worried that these pans will knock me over the next time I open the cupboard. I have used my madeleine pan a few times – I need to use it more. I’ve used my bundt once. I just picked up a donut pan and a popover pan. I think I’m addicted to kitchen and baking utensils.

  4. foodwanderings says

    What a brilliant idea ;behind the apron’. Love this post about your baking pans essentials. I always feel I don’t have enough though my cupboards are overflowing and I gota serious lack of storage.

  5. Anita @ Hungry Couple says

    Nice collection. Room is always an issue for me but I’ve managed to stuff quite a few in here. My favorite is the spring-form version because it’s so easy. I have the regular 9″ size and two adorable 4 1/2″ mini’s. And I’m also a huge fan of removable bottoms. They make life so much easier. :)

  6. Emma Deirdre says

    You have a whole lot of pans….jealous! Thanks for all the useful info and great photos. Very informative post! :-)

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