Behind the apron – in my kitchen

OK, so I don’t wear an apron, but I thought it’s a cute name for this series.

At the beginning of each month I’ll share some “behind the scene” photos.

Which products I use and which I don’t, where I buy my bakeware, props and whatever you’d like me to talk about.

Most of the questions I get are about my photos and about baking with yeast.

While I tell everyone to read my yeast tutorial and have a positive attitude when baking bread, when it comes to photography, well, I have no idea what I’m doing.

So, I thought instead of explaining why most of my photos are so bright, I’d show you my kitchen.

The place where everything happens.

behind the apron at

The photo above is a view from the kitchen as you enter it.

Most of my friends probably envy me for the bright and big kitchen.

But all I see in my kitchen is the lack of counter space

behind the apron in kitchen

I’m not a tall person, well that compared to the 8 feet tall cabinets so the upper two shelves are hard to reach.

The bottom ones are as packed as they possible could be (I’ll talk about that in another post)

behind the apron in kitchen

That’s my baking corner.

And just a little of my over-used ovens.

I was making some whole wheat breadsticks.

Of course, I rarely bake without my little helper.

behind the apron in kitchen

Some of you might think baking comes natural to me, but I do have days when nothing turns out well.

I learn from my hand-notes.

I have notes all over the kitchen.

I rarely bake without writing down what I used and how much.

I use a kitchen scale a lot!

I find it easier to measure dry ingredients.

behind the apron in kitchen

My dishwasher broke.

Now I do dishes by hand.

I hate it.

I’m angry because it takes time away from my family.

I hope I get a new one soon.

behind the apron in kitchen

Tiffany is home-schooled.

In the kitchen we do most of the classes while waiting for a cake or cookies to bake.

We also have tea parties.

Every other day.

For obvious reasons I tell Tiffany at least 10 times a day not to write on the coffee table or on the sofa.

She did.

I hope one day she’ll stop.

Tiffany’s little desk is the place I take most of my photos on.

behind the apron in kitchen

 I love flowers.

I buy flowers almost every time I go to the grocery store.

I have a garden and lots of house plants.

If I had to write a blog about something else but baking it would be about gardening.

As much as we love our house we both hope one day we can have a small farm.

I want an orchard.

behind the apron in kitchen

My relaxing chair.

The reading chair.

Almost every time I plan on taking a 5 minutes break Tiffany brings me a story book to read.

She loves to read.

If it’s up to her we’d play ball and read all day.

And bake chocolate cookies. Of course.

 I hope you liked the tour of my kitchen. What other behind the scene photos would you like to see? What would you want me to talk about?

Leave your thoughts in the comment area or simply email me at roxana (at) roxanagreengirl (dot) com

Sending love your way,


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    • says

      gee, I have never thought my daughter is old style, that makes me old style since I but her clothes hehe
      Thanks for the love! Have a wonderful week!

  1. says

    What a marvelous series!!! Your kitchen is so bright and lovely!!! And Tiffany is such a cutie pie :)

    PS…maybe if I did a feature like this, I’d be motivated to clear off my desk and file away my pile of recipes?

    • says

      Thanks Liz!
      I can let Tiffany come over for a day or two. Trust me, you’d have to clean counter-tops and everything she can reach, or you find them on the floor

    • says

      Thanks Maureen!
      We’re vegetarian so we haven’t actually thought of owning animals, except few riding horses. But some chickens for the eggs is not such a bad idea

      • says

        I kept chickens for the eggs AND the poo because it’s wonderful for nourishing the soil that I grew our veggies in. Nothing is more calming than sitting down and watching chickens. I know it sounds stupid but seriously, try it once. :) That soft clucking noise is magic on a stressful day.

  2. says

    What a bright and colorful house. So comfy! I am with you where the tall cupboards are concerned. I’m 5 ft tall and have to get a ladder out to reach the top shelf of my cupboards – yikes! Love behind the apron Roxana :)

  3. says

    You really do have an amazing amount of light! And I love your baking corner. It may not be a ton of counter space, but everything you need is right at hand so you don’t have to go walking all over the place to find things.

    Tiffany is so, so cute. And yes, eventually she will stop writing on things other than paper. You see, some day she’ll be old enough for you to give her a Mr. Clean Dry Eraser and make her scrub off the mark. Trust me, that’ll be the last mark she makes. :)

    • says

      Thanks Christiane!
      I try to have it organized. Half of the kitchen is for baking. The upper cabinets host baking supplies and baking trays, the bottom ones measuring cups/spoons and all kind of cupcake/paper wrappers, bags and tips for decorating etc.
      The other half is the cooking side with all the dishes and sinks.
      It’s easier to have them in one place and not waste lots of time running around.
      As for Tiffany, thank you!
      She does help me clean, not as much as I’d like, but for her age (almost 3) she knows and does way better than other kids

  4. says

    What a beautiful home Roxana! I am so envious of all the great light you have coming in. We were down in Florida looking for a new home and the only thing I asked for was a kitchen I can teach from and lots of light!

    thanks for the tour of your home!

    • says

      Thanks Chef!
      Florida, WOW, that’s a nice place. We keep saying when it’s time to retire to look for a place in Georgia or South Carolina, a little warmer in the winter.
      Hope you find the perfect house that meets your needs

  5. fatpiginthemarket says

    Nice light! I can’t reach the top shelf in my place either. I keep a stepladder nearby. Since most of my baking stuff is on a top shelf I get a little step workout when I’m baking.

    • says

      I use a step-stool also, I keep wandering why they’d make such tall houses to begin with.
      Great tip about the workout, maybe I should reconsider arranging my cabinets

  6. says

    Your house is so comfy and beautiful, Roxy. Your kitchen is a dream kitchen and that light on Tiffany’s desk is really ideal. She is such a pretty little girl and is lucky to have a talented baking mamma like you. Love this post. xx

    • says

      Thanks Lora!
      you’re making me blush, coming for a wonderful baker like yourself.
      The light is somehow tricky, only certain hours during the day I can take photos or I have to deal with the shadows

  7. says

    Roxana, I’ll trade you my counter space for your bright kitchen. I’ve been trying to talk hubby into a white tile back splash just to lighten things up a bit. Painting is not an option as our walls all flow into one another, room to room and would involve painting almost the entire first floor. So glad to see I’m not the only one with a drying rack either. I hand wash all my pots, pans and baking utensils. Our dishwasher is just for, well, dishes, hehe. You home is just lovely, thanks for giving us a glimpse into it.

    • says

      Thanks Joan!
      We’re planing to re-decorate the entire kitchen next year and a back splash is already on the list. And of course, more counter space heheh
      I wash my baking stuff by hand as well but plates, bowls and cutlery used to go in the dishwasher, now I have to do everything by hand and it takes forever!

  8. says

    I love your home!!! First thing I noticed about your home besides very neat and organized is that you have a bright home!! Any corner of your home can be a good photo shoot place! Now I’m so motivated to clean my kitchen and house. I think your home look cozy and wonderful place for home schooling! If I get to eat your baked goods, may I be one your student too? I’ll be a good student! 😉

    • says

      Hi Nami! Thanks!
      I have to keep it clean otherwise Tiffany pulls everything from the counter tops on the floor and it’s not at all enjoyable.
      I’d love to have you as my guest, I can’t guarantee we’d have time for lessons, more of a tea and cookies kinda visit 😉

  9. says

    Roxana, what a truly magnificent and beautiful kitchen you have – I am like your friends, very jealous. I would also want to be in the kitchen all day if I had such a exquisite work space.
    Now, about that broken dishwasher – I think you should get it replaced ASAP. I am of the opinion it is a necessity and not a luxury. 😉
    Have a super week ahead.
    :-) Mandy

    • says

      Thanks Mandy!
      I hope we can afford a new dishwasher soon. Just like you said, it’s a necessity not a luxury. Cooking and baking as much as we do the dirty dishes pile up very fast

  10. says

    Roxana, thanks for inviting us into your home–how fun to see where all the magic happens. :) The light coming into your home is enviable–wow! I understand your complaint about not having enough counter space because I have the same issue but you make it work. Your workspace is orderly and tidy. I love your rest area, too. All in all, beautiful!

    • says

      Thanks Jean!
      I have to make it work with the limited space. It’s hard when I have to roll or dough (for cookies/pies/rolls) but other than that, if I keep it clean I’m doing fine.

  11. says

    So bright and absolutely beautiful!! I want that reading nook. And Tiffany’s desk! 😉 What a cutie!! I giggled at the part about her writing on the furniture. :) They all do it.
    Your home looks so comfortable and cozy. I can’t wait for the next “behind the apron” post… how fun!

    • says

      Thanks Kate!
      It took us like forever to find the desk for her, everything was too big for her.
      As for writing on the furniture, if I hadn’t had the white sofa I probably wouldn’t not be so paranoiac :))

  12. says

    You have a wonderful home / kitchen! It’s double / triple / quadruple mine! Deinitely green with envy! I can only wish I had a kitchen this light and airy…and spacious!

  13. Anita @ Hungry Couple says

    What a lovely home you have and, of course, an adorable baking assistant. You would not lament your lack of space if you saw my little postage stamp sized Manhattan kitchen and I would kill for your natural light. Apart from that, I love your new “series” because I love getting to know fellow bloggers more personally. Looking forward to more of these!

    • says

      Aww, thanks Anita!
      My parents’ small apartment had a “postage stamp” size kitchen so I know how you feel.
      I’m looking forward to next month too, still haven’t decided what I’ll talk about

  14. says

    You have a beautiful home and kitchen Roxana. I love the shot of beautiful Tiffany at her desk, it reminds me of when the girls were little. I always had a little table or desk in the kitchen that was their space. I also just learned to love the lived in look, because it never failed if I got a new piece of furniture, they did something to ding it or damage it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    • says

      Aww Gina, that’s what everyone’s telling me. Just get used to the idea the kids will always be kids :)
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

  15. says

    Roxanna, I enjoyed reading this so much — not only was it fun to read and enjoy the photos you included (what a CUTE little girl you have!), but now I can “picture” where you work! Gorgeous window and light. Definitely jealous! Now I need to do one of these!

  16. says

    What a beautiful house you have. I love your kitchen! Of course the first thing I noticed was the Longaberger recipe cards (consultant here) and the same recipe basket I have :) Your daughter is darling. I love the cupboard with all the pottery it in and how lit up your house is. Mine is really dark and I have to use a light tent for blog pics. Thanks so much for sharing this with us :)

  17. Hillarey Tulip says

    Love your kitchen!!! There are days I need 2 ovens and 2 refridgerators… One day when I win the lottery:) I’ll have my dream kitchen.

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