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Last month I started talking about baking pans and some of you asked about silicone pans and pyrex.

I have mixed feelings about silicone pans. They are pretty and you can find almost any shape/size you like but I find them so hard to maintain them clean, so I don’t use them much.

I do have some pyrex baking dishes, I actually have one that I use only for baking rice, but they come in handy even for baking some irresistible buttery dinner rolls.

I assumed everyone knows how a pyrex looks like and didn’t took any photos of them.

Move on to other baking pans, more or less popular.

Like these cast iron pans pictured above.

I love baking in a cast iron pan. From scones to dinner rolls to veggie treats these pans are  definitely worth investing in.

I have an Old Mountain cast iron pan and the rest are Lodge cast iron pans.


Lots of small baking casseroles. Different colors, sizes and shapes.

Although they don’t make it on the blog, i do use them quite a lot.

Easy to use for individual mac&cheese, lasagna, au gratin, french onion soup and other baked dinners. Let me tell you, I just love from-oven-to-table dishes. They make life so much easier. Just pop them in the oven and when done serve. The baking time is sometimes reduced by half and they make such pretty serving dishes.

I don’t have a favorite brand, I have from no-name to Le Creuset, it all depends on the size and color. I happen to love colorful bakeware.


There are times you don’t even need a baking pan to whip up something delicious.

Nowadays you can find paper baking pans in lots of size and shapes. Cupcake liners and don’t need a pan, just arrange them on a cookie sheet and bake.

Bread, cakes – there’s a paper pan for almost everything.

I try to buy not so cheap paper liners because when baking then might gets grease and oily and the pretty liners gets all ugly. Even tho, most of the time I still use two liners when making cupcakes/muffins.


And probably the least used baking pans in my kitchen are the seasonal pans. As you can easily guess you can only use them one or two times a year. Wilton makes some pretty good seasonal pans, and you can easily invest some money in them considering you might have to pay anywhere from $10 to $15 or even more for a pan that, just like I said earlier, you’ll use it only few times a year.


I also received a question about the places I shop for baking supplies. I don’t have a favorite place. I love Home Goods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls stores and their prices are pretty acceptable. Pier 1. Michaels stores. Kitchen Collection. Le Gourmet Chef.

I think that’s pretty much it about baking pans, if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them, just leave a comment below or send me an email.


With the Holidays just around the corner and I know you’d love to surprise your family with some home baked goodies I’m giving away these three pans pictures above.

–  1 NorPro 10″ Bread Pan

– 1 Chicago Metallic 9″  Springform Pan 


1 Wilton 8X8 Square Pan

To win them just leave a comment below.

For additional entries



Due to the shipping cost, the giveaway is opened only to US residents. 

You can enter until Sunday November 18th at 11.59 pm. 

The giveaway is sponsored by me, just because I love you.


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  1. Hillarey Tulip says

    I love to follow your pinterest and Facebook pages. I love baking as its my stress reliever from my full time job.

  2. Kalamity Kelli says

    I know what you mean about those darn silicone pans – I don’t care for scrubbing in the kitchen and boy you sure have to with those! Cast iron is my fave but I can only bake in them now because of my glass top stove but there’s nothing like cornbread in a case iron skillet. The bread pan you are giving away is so cool! Looks like little holes all around in it. I just bought a pizza pan like that a few weeks ago at a yard sale ($2) and made my first ever pizza crust last night using it – that thing rocks! P.S. – I love your red and polka dot dishes!! You have great taste!

  3. Joan@Chocolate and More says

    Roxana, I love when you show us behind the scenes! Your bakeware is gorgeous! You know I follow you everywhere. I’ve never bought a holiday pan for just the reason you stated, but if I did find one for an amazing price, I’m sure it’d be in my cabinet that same day.

  4. Heidi Arkenbout says

    I love your page! Thanks for having this great give-away! I bake a lot this time of year and those pans would be very handy! :)

  5. Deb says

    Your collection is fabulous! I share your passion for baking and enjoy adding to my collection of cooking ware! I also find great deals at Home Goods and their sister store Marshall’s. But sometimes I just can’t help myself and succumb to a fit of
    “I must have it now.” Your giveaway is very timely, perfect for the holiday baking frenzy!

  6. Ann says

    After seeing your bakeware collection, I have a few things to add to my wish list! One can never have too many good pans and your giveaway includes such great basic pieces.

  7. Helene Dsouza I Masala Herb says

    I like silicon pans. We dont have much space to store pans, so those come handy and since they are finally available this side of the world, I have made it a habit to buy only those. =)

  8. Stacy Uncorked says

    I’m fanatical about my kitchen stuff – from the little things all the way to cookware, bakeware and pans – the hubby knows not to mess with my kitchen stuff. 😉 I’ve not yet gotten any silicone ones, though – I don’t think I’d want to mess with trying to clean them. :) LOVE the few cast iron pans I have – though I don’t use them nearly as much as I should. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  9. Rachelle says

    I would love the chance to win! I can’t afford good baking/cooking ware. I have to get mine from Dollar General. So embarrasing! I love to cook and bake and I’m quite good at it too.

  10. Ves Buenafe Gamuyao says

    how i wish i could have one of those baking pans and those baking dishes…i’ve been trying to bake by self thought through you and others who loved baking. but i know it will come true in the future, since i am only using a small electric oven (like a size of a microwave oven) maybe those small baking dishes would be enough for the meantime. but i’m still hoping to get an oven to fit those baking pans of yours in the future.
    happy baking to us all who loved to bake especially for our families and friends.
    As the saying goes here in our country, Philippines, everytime we greet or make wishes for others, i want to say to you “Mabuhay”, it means Long Live!

  11. Debbie says

    Hi – thanks for the fabulous give-away! I’m not a huge fan of silicone pans, either. Too hard to clean thoroughly and, to be honest, I have reservations about baking in something that’s not metal or glass… Give me my Grandma Ruby’s bread pans any day!

  12. lonnie says

    Love getting your posts with all the great recipes. A perfect giveaway for the holidays. Thank you. Would love to win these.

  13. margaret Rose says

    Just joined your newletter list. I found your website through an other and just love it!! All the hints, receipes, and tidbits.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. gailanne says

    Great article. I’m always curious about which baking pans are best to use. I agree with you about the silicon pans; another “minus” is their extreme flexibility when handling them with uncooked batter in them. I’ve dumped a corner of muffin batter more than once en route to the oven!

  15. Vivian Hernandez says

    Wow just in time for christmas. I love to cook from scratch and this coming Holidays I’m planning to make some homemade breads recipes that you have in your blog. To make bread in some good quality pans would be really helpful. Thanks for the chance…..!!

  16. says

    My favorite pan in my kitchen is my Great-Grandmother’s cast iron skillet. I baked cornbread in it yesterday and I would never dream of baking a pineapple upside down cake in anything else but that pan! Thank you for bringing back her memory to me in your blog!

  17. Kitchen Belleicious says

    well arent you santa! What a wonderful surprise and gift you are giving us! I must win! LOL! Saw your Fb post the other day about all the yummy goodies you were making and only wished I lived next door to help you “sample them”!

  18. Norma says

    I know what you mean about silicone pans. My daughter-in-law got me a couple of the cute heart-shaped cupcake liners. Talk abut a beat to clean! As to cast iron, I’ve just started baking in them, but have used them for years for frying and have a cast iron dutch oven that is wonderful for bread! I love different types of baking pans and would love to win your giveaway. Those are some nice looking pans.

  19. Anita @ Hungry Couple says

    I’m in awe of your collection. I’ve always had to keep it small due to lack of room. But, even so, I need to add to my stash.

  20. Vicki says

    Inherited my grandmother’s cast iron skillets when my Mother passed 14 years ago… those things. From baking to frying, they are the best.

  21. Vicki H. says

    I love the cast iron pans too! Hardly use my nonstick stuff anymore. My uncle deals with antiques, so he will get us a griswald or another “real” old one and we refinish it and season it…they seem to work better than the new cast iron ones!

  22. theresa says

    Thank you for the great pan advice! But the paper pan was sooo great to find out about!! I love to give baked good for holiday gifts, so they will come in handy!! Thank you, Theresa

  23. Darcey says

    I love reading posts and trying new recipes. Will be doing alot of baking for the holidays as I have 20 grandchilren, 5 children/spouses to cook for at Christmas.

  24. Nata Etherton says

    I’d love to have some new baking pans. It would kick-start me on holiday baking. I really enjoy reading your page. And I LOVE baking. I discovered baking as therapy a few decades ago when I had boys who were 18 months apart in age.

  25. Payton says

    I need some cast iron skillets in a bad way. I’m interested in all the baked skillet recipes, I’d love to see more of those! Thanks for the post, I’m always on the lookout for more baking supplies.

  26. Tania G says

    I wud love to win baking pans so I can make german cake like black forest. And other types of cakes :-) I follow you on Fb! I shared and liked the link you put up for the give a way!

  27. Kimby says

    Your post was so colorful and home-y, it made me excited to bake for the holidays — thanks for that, and for your giveaway!

  28. Debbie Byrd says

    I love the pans……Although I work full time, I always make time for baking! Would LOVE to win! Thanks for the offer!

  29. The Messy Baker says

    I love the all of those cute little paper liners. I just recently saw a seasonal pan made by Wilton that was just adorable.

  30. Karen says

    Get out the pans! It is time for holiday baking extravaganza. I’ve already started trying out new quick bread recipes to find that perfect one for gifts.

  31. Lily Evans says

    PANS!! Oh, not to butter my entrance up, but a poor college kid who loves to bake would love this. haha.
    I followed you on Pinterest and Facebook, I’m excited about your pins!! :)

  32. Rachelle says

    I enjoy cooking and baking and I am always changing recipes and trying new things. I would love to win because I couldthen try new thingswithout the taste of burnt food…know matter how much I clean and scrub!

  33. Lisa says

    I follow you everywhere I social network, my friend :) I’d love to win these pans..but truth be told..I’d rather win a pan of your chocolate rolls with coffee icing. To put it i simply..OMG!

  34. Audrey B. says

    I tried some of the silicon muffin pans (can you call them tins if they’re silicon) and decided they were a pain to use. I used to think my parents cast-iron skillets were horribly old-fashioned, now I scheme to steal them every time I visit.

  35. Jan says

    I have a Easter and Halloween seasonal pan. I got them on clearance but the only trouble they just had one left! It’s so much easier and faster baking with two pans!

  36. Suzanne Platt (@YouMadeThatblog) says

    What great pans and baking supplies you have. I love going to TJ Max and Marshalls plus Ross sometimes for good deals. In fact I bought some little tart pans today so cute and fun. I tweeted your post here and I will give the rest of your readers or new readers a chance to win since I follow you every other place except to the bathroom..LOL I’m tired 😀

  37. Darcey says

    Love all my cooking sites. I love to bake and cook all kind of things so always looking for new sites with good food.

  38. Lori R says

    I have be NGing for just a few months. Down 13lbs, yea! I have never cooked but now I find i have to have nothing to cook with. I need everything!!! Love your recipies.

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