Life in the kitchen


We have a big house, quite big for the three of us and despite the free rooms, we findourselves getting together in only a few areas. The master bedroom and the kitchen. Now, I’m not going to talk about our daughter jumping in the bed thinking she’s a gymnast but about the time we spend… 

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Time to sparkle #SparkleWithDASANI

dasani sparkling water

This post was brought to you by Dansani. All opinions expressed are my own. Dasani has recently launched a new product, DASANI Sparkling plus Dasani has an AMAZING contest that you can enter! (details at the bottom of the post) To celebrate they want to know what makes you sparkle. Family time. Your hobby. Your job.  Whatever makes… 

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TruMoo hot chocolate with mini marshmallows + $500 gift card giveaway

trumoo chocolate coffee 3

It’s a winter to remember. The temperatures haven’t been so low in years, for decades some may say. In the last couple of weeks there have been registered record-breaking snowfalls in several areas throughout the country. The Polar vortex doesn’t seem to leave us alone as more cold days and snowfalls are predicted this month…. 

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Celebrating with Hershey’s #giveaway


I have a surprise for you today. I sweet one! I’m giving away 2 (two) Hershey’s gift baskets!   The tin contains Hershey’s Pot of Gold Pecan Caramel Clusters, Hershey’s Candy Cane Chocolate Bar, Hershey’s Chocolate covered pretzels, Hershey’s Chocolates and Hershey’s Miniatures Assortment   There’s no surprise I have a thing for Hershey’s products…. 

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Going nutty with International Delight #whatsyourid

life begins after coffee

Life begins after coffee – it’s true. When you’re trying to balance everything you need coffee to keep going. Lots of coffee! In the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening and some tea in between. With lots of creamer! I’m working again with International Delight to bring you fun games with tons of… 

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Tropical Treat Fruit Basket {giveaway}

shari's berries 2

Mother’s Day it’s almost here! Have you thought what to get for your Mom or Grandma? Something to show your appreciation and WOW her? I know, us the Moms, we’re superwomen making everything go smoothly for our family and we get so little credit. From the morning cup of coffee, breakfast, laundry, crafts, lunch, playdates, outside activities, dinner ready… 

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Walkers Shortbread {giveaway}

walkers shortbread 2

I can not say Walkers Shortbread without instantly craving some. As a basic rule, I rarely buy store-bought cookies. Well, except Walkers shortbread. I love this Scottish pure butter shortbread. They are perfectly buttery, not greasy, and deliciously crunchy. They are perfect to dip in coffee, spread a little jam on top of them or dip in… 

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Behind the apron – Baking pans

baking pans |

Few days ago I asked on Facebook what would you like me to talk about in “behind the apron” October post and since most of you replied bakeware, here I’m, talking about baking pans. The bakeware subject is pretty long so I decided to divide it into 2 (or even three) posts. Today I’m show you… 

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I’m not failing

Tiffany playing

Every other Wednesday a bunch of mothers get together at the church in my neck of the woods for a MOPS meeting. This year we have a wonderful discussion theme : Plunge, Love as if your life depends on it. This week we were talking about making and keeping relationships while struggling with motherhood.  While watching the… 

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Behind the apron – in my kitchen

behind the apron in kitchen

OK, so I don’t wear an apron, but I thought it’s a cute name for this series. At the beginning of each month I’ll share some “behind the scene” photos. Which products I use and which I don’t, where I buy my bakeware, props and whatever you’d like me to talk about. Most of the questions… 

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Life as a blogger

Once upon a time there was a girl who did not know much about internet (not that she does now). She was happy in her little world. Knowing the mysteries of this big online world was bottom 5 on her to do list. Life is not exactly how we imagine it. One day, while enjoying… 

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