Chocolate Marshmallow Bars

Chocolate Marshmallow Bars |

With the arrival of summer, more and more evenings are spent outside with family and friends. Beach parties are scheduled more often, the days are longer and we have our fingers crossed the rain will stay away.

Some people rely on light salads throughout the season. Some fire up the grill and some keep the oven hot like there’s no tomorrow. I’m in the last category.

Winter or summer I love enjoying a homemade baked good. These bars were a bit of a problem. No, no, no! They turned out great. I mean you can’t go wrong with a brownie layer, topped with marshmallow and Nutella. The problem was the addiction!

Couple of these bars turned out to be my dinner one evening and breakfast the next day (shhh, don’t tell hubby). I had a hard time staying away from the pan and even harder sharing them. I was on the edge of telling my family I burned them so I can enjoy the whole pan all by myself. I’m mean like that sometimes.

Chocolate Marshmallow Bars |

The bottom brownie layer is so moist and so good even on its own with a bit of crunchy bite from the nuts. The marshmallows are slowly melting after the brownie is taken out of the oven and become a pillow-y layer. Now the hard part comes, since it requires to be cooled completely before adding the third layer. Nutella, more chocolate and rice krispie. To die for!!

I have to say, to cut them is a little bit messy but I put them in the freezer for a little while and somehow managed to cut the bars without the need of cleaning my knife after every cut.

p.s. I think they taste better frozen, but it’s just my opinion.

Chocolate Marshmallow Bars |

 To get the recipe, please follow me on my friend Terra’s blog where I’m guest posting today

Chocolate Marshmallow Bars Recipe

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  1. Kitchen Belleicious says

    oh my! My stomach is growling looking at these. Trying to figure out how I can make them and not eat ALL of them in the process!

  2. says

    You have the best bar recipes ever roxana! I can already feel my stomach growling for a bite of these bars just by looking at those pictures…lol

  3. Meghan says

    Wow! They look awesome Roxana! Perfect summer treat & I bet they’re even better frozen! Heading over to Terra’s blog now :)

  4. says

    Hi Roxana! I know I would have trouble separating myself from a pan of bar cookies that look this good;-) I would easily grab a few for dinner, no problem!

  5. Jennifer Laceda (@jenlaceda) says

    Hello, chocolate heaven with marshmallow clouds! I think these will be great for camping or beach bumming. I can just imagine biting into one of these and closing my eyes to the lull of the sea or the chirping of the birds…oh, summer…

  6. Sandra (@SECooking) says

    Now you are mean….:)) as I am reading your description for those beauties up there I am finding myself drooling more and more…These would be my dinner as well as breakfast too! :)) You did great job as always! Ling your pics!

  7. Tara Noland says

    I made them for a retirement tea I was catering and they were fantastic. I just baked the brownie a little longer than the instructions said maybe up to 25 min. Everything else was spot on. Great recipe!!

  8. Tara Noland says

    I think I am going to make these bars for a BBQ we are hosting in two weeks. The kids will go crazy for them never mind the adults!! Cheers, Tara

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