Coconut Cookies

What is your favorite cookie?
My favorite has to be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. If that’s your favorite too than keep reading, you’re going to love these cookies. 
Before I tell you more about these cookies I’d like to apologize for being mostly M.I.A. I have a pair of clutches helping me around the house and everything is in slow motion, including this blog.
A couple of month ago I decided to give up on chocolate and since then I ate just a little so most of my treats were chocolate free. You can probably add some mini chocolate chips to the dough or maybe drizzle some melted chocolate on top right after baking. Oh, only the thought of a chocolate-coconut cookie makes me drool instantly.
The cookies are so easy to make. While the oven is getting hot, you cream the butter with the sugar (I used only dark brown sugar). Add the egg and vanilla followed by the dry ingredients. 
Place spoonful of cookie dough on baking sheets and bake until golden. 
That’s all, told you they are easy to make. 
What I liked about these cookies was that even after 5 days (that’s how much they lasted) they were still crisp and chewy although I kept them on a plate on the dinning table.
For the recipe you have to visit my friend Lizzy’s blog
That’s about it for today, hope you’re having a wonderful Father’s Day.
Sending you lots of love, 
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  1. Lizzy says

    Oh, thank you, Roxana! I popped over immediately when I saw that you had made something with coconut…and how delightful to find you featured one of my recipes!!! You're a gem, my friend…glad you enjoyed these :)

    PS…I hope you can ditch those crutches soon :(

  2. Jean (Lemons and Anchovies) says

    Coconut cookies are right up my alley. I'm all about coconut flavors are summer approaches. This looks like one to try–I like cookies that have a chewy quality to them so this recipe is worth checking out, for sure! Thanks for the recommendation, Roxana!

  3. Magic of Spice says

    I do love cookies that are crunchy outside and soft inside…these certainly look delightful and I am sure are amazing :)

  4. elisabeth@foodandthriftfinds. says

    Leave it to Lizzy to come up with all those delicious dessert recipes. I am just now trying to get my ingredients together the make her yummy chocolate Eclair cake, and now I see you made her yummy coconut cookies.

  5. Alina---Explora Cuisine says

    Coconut cookies, mmmm, what can be more delicious than that right? :) have a great week my dear!

  6. Emily @ Life on Food says

    I love coconut too. I normally add chocolate too it. Coconut and chocolate are one of my favorite combinations. Be careful with the crutches in the kitchen. It can be quite tricky!

  7. The Mom Chef says

    I do love crunchy outside and nice and chewy inside so, yes, these are for me! My jaw dropped when I read that you gave up chocolate. Welcome to the dark side with CaffeIna and me. Of course, it's easier for us because we don't like it.

  8. Tina @flourtrader says

    Sometimes chocolate is not in the equation and I want something different. These coconut cookies look like they would fit the bill-thanks for sharing the recipe for these crunchy morsels.

  9. Baking Serendipity says

    These cookies look fantastic! My husband's favorite cake is coconut pound cake and I'm sure these cookies would become a quick favorite too :) They would almost make me forget about chocolate…I still think almost though!

  10. Wendy Irene says

    Roxana, I love the bright color background for the cookies. It is perfect for summer. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors but I often forget about it. I suddenly have an urge to make a big fruit salad with coconut. Have a beautiful day!

  11. Lisa says

    You know those blue tins of Danish cookies? Guess who scarfs all the little, round coconut cookies? :) Your coconut cookies look incredible..and I love the backdrop in your photos, so playful and vibrant!

  12. Sandra says

    Yummy Yum! My favorite flavor, coconuts..Your cookies look amazing, and photos are stunning!!!
    I hope you had great father's day with your hubby!!

  13. Elin says

    These coconut cookies look great for snacking on while I am a quarter full :) Walking around in clutches and you can still bake so well….thank you so much for sharing with us the recipe. You have done a great job despite moving around with clutches. Take care and wishing you speedy recovery :)


  14. thecompletecookbook says

    So sorry to hear that you are hobbling around on crunches – hope you are all better soon!
    Your cookies look fabulous and I have some coconut in the cupboard just waiting to be used – perfect. Hope I can get them made before we leave to go back home next Tuesday – they will be great to share with friends.
    :-) Mandy

  15. Carolyn says

    Oh no! Why are you on crutches! I've obviously missed something here. But wonderful cookies, I agree, chewy and crispy are the best.

  16. Nami @ Just One Cookbook says

    Roxana, your coconut cookies look delicious! I like my favorite coconut being the main ingredient here as it is often just one of the "toppings". Lizzy must be so happy seeing your yummy cookies. :-)

  17. Manuela says

    Ohhhh yum! I love coconut cookies! And Lizzy's recipes are always fantastic! Thank you for sharing this Roxana, they look amazing!

  18. Susie says

    Two things – How can you have cookies in your house for 5 days? Even if I hide them, they are gone in 2. And, I love your pics!!!

  19. kankana says

    We love coconut macaron and this looks delicious and light :) My fav cookie would be with macademia nuts but i am cutting down on butter just a little to get back in shape. I am saving this to give a try sometime later.

  20. lifeinarecipe says

    These look yummy and I can't wait to try the recipe out..since I am eating chocolate I can picture them dipped in chocolate!

  21. kita says

    Ive never heard of coconut and cookies as a team but I really really want to try them! I<3 coconut lately and cant get enough of the flavor!

  22. The Procrastobaker says

    I saw these little gems when you first put them up and practically drooled at the time, absolutely adoorrreee coconut but am yet to find a coconut cookie that totally does it for me. im taking tastespotters reminding me of these as a sign that I should make them asap :)

  23. bakerbynature says

    I have a serious love affair with anything coconut… besides coconut water; for some reason that grosses me out.

  24. Marla says

    Love these!
    We are in our final week of Get Grillin' – Dessert is the theme and we would love if you submitted up to any 3 recipes (they don't have to be grilled) to our link up. This one would be perfect! This week we have a Rouxbe Cooking School giveaway.

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