KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer Giveaway



I’m so excited to bring you this awesome giveaway along with 7 amazing bakers! Yes, we’re giving away one KitchenAid 5 Quart stand-up mixer in the lovely Empire Red color!

Because I love you! Because you’ve been here to support me from the beginning! Because I love hearing back from you! Because I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to bake my recipes and coming back letting me know how much you liked it!

This giveaway it’s valued at $320 and I know the winner will do a very happy dance! I would!!!!

I would not be baking as much without my mixer. From bread baking, to cakes and cookies 90% of the time I rely on my stand mixer!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. Enter as many times as you want (the more the higher chances to win) by Email subscribing, Facebook Liking, Pinterest Following or Twitter Following anyone you’d like to. Each action on the widget gets you one entry in the giveaway. Open to USA only.

Thank you and good luck! 

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This giveaway is brought to you by Roxana’s Home Baking  ~  Averie Cooks  ~  Cake Duchess  ~  Country Clever   ~  Diethood  ~  Sally’s Baking Addiction  ~  Savory Simple   ~  Simply Gourmet

* The giveaway is open to US Residents only and you have until April 14th to enter. The winner will be selected randomly through Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours to respond with her/his name and address – or another winner will randomly be selected. Us, the 8 bloggers pictured above are sponsoring this giveaway. KitchenAid was not involved and did not compensate us for writing or giving away a mixer.


    • Ronda Curone says

      I have an awesome recipe for Peanut Butter Fluff Pie that I would love to create with Kitchen Aid! I’d even be willing to share the recipe…just once, lol. It’s a family tradition, and everyone who loves Peanut Butter LOVES this!

  1. Brenda Bartels says

    I would make the many things I have pinned on pint rest if I won this stand mixer. I have a less powerful one now and would love to be able to do bread and other thick dough recipes withoutfear of my mixer giving out

  2. CC says

    Would so love this – RED is my color – and between biscotti, breads and cakes, it sure would be great to have a KitchenAid to help! I find so many great recipes on Roxans Home Baking that I’d like to try, but arthritis slows me down a bit.

  3. Joan@Chocolate and More says

    Great giveaway Roxana, I’d make one of your bread recipes of Course! The yeastie beasties are alive and well in my kitchen these days!

  4. Patty Cottington says

    Thank you for all the time you share with us. As well as an opportunity to win such a beautiful mixer

  5. The Contessa (Linda) says

    Is it correct to say, “that is beuatiful” about a mixer? Your breads are beuatiful, but so is this. Someone ask what piece of kitchen equipment you couldn’t do without. I said my oven, but this mixer would be a very close second.


  6. Missy says

    Would love to have a bread quality mixer for making low-sodium bread (and the odd batch of heart-healthy cookies).

  7. tami says

    I would make alot of baked goods to send to my kids,and grand-babies some live in Tennessee and some live in Hawaii. Baking from my heart..

  8. says

    I would make my Grandmother’s Tea Cakes. Really they are cookies that aren’t very sweet but we love them. However my mixer that I have to hand turn the bowl will not stand up to all the flour that is needed.

  9. Nancy says

    I would make divinity..It’s really hard to make and having a great mixer would make it much easier..

  10. Daniela Cirillo says

    I Would so love to make cookies for my daughter’s teachers , for the end of the school year !!

  11. Kristin says

    Wow! What a great giveaway! If I should win, I’d use this for everything from pasta dough to pizza crust to pizzelle cookies! The holidays would never be the same again!

  12. says

    I’ve had the same hand mixer for 15 years. I couldnt wait to toss it out and make a cake without having to hold the mixer while scraping the sides of the bowl and trying to hold the bowl!

  13. says

    I like your recipes. I recently made your Steakhouse bread which was awesome! My KA mixers sure make my baking adventures even more fun and easy! I love their attachments also (I make homemade ground beef – I never went back to storebought). Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway!

  14. says

    I love mine but I would love to give this as a gift to my mother in law for Mother’s Day because she is so practical she would take it back if I actually bought her one. Thanks for the giveaway ladies and all the yummy recipes.

  15. Kristina Boroff says

    I need a new mixer! I am currently taking pastry/baking courses at college and I need to make things at home now.

  16. Wendy says

    My honey would love it…we make bread almost daily and this would save both of us time and our arms from kneeding.

  17. Cheryl says

    I have a pink one my husband bought me for Christmas 4 years ago,if I win a red one I’d give it to my daughter so she can enjoy it like I do mine.

  18. The Café Sucré Farine says

    I love Kitchen Aid mixers. I would use this to make bread, cakes and a zillion other yummy things!

  19. Teresa from Lancaster, PA says

    First thing I’d make would be some bread. (Would be nice not to have to knead it by hand.) :-)

  20. Diane {Created by Diane} says

    I’d make a giant batch of lemon cookies, yep…it’s spring and that is what I’d make.

  21. Eva says

    I would love to have a new mixer to do my frosting’s … I got a mixer like this on my wish list…. Good luck to everyone…..

  22. Ramona K says

    I would be make some dinner rolls slathered with lots of butter. Then on to Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. I would keep the kitchen aid humming all the time turning out bread, rolls, cookies and cakes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Kim | a little lunch says

    I’d make bread… or pasta dough… or butter cream frosting… or whipped cream… or… or… or…

    Thanks for this entirely generous giveaway opportunity, Roxana! (And everyone involved.) Tickled you decided to give away a RED one!

  24. etti says

    I would make challah, babka, and tons of cookies and bars…..that’d be the first day, then I’d make cakes and muffins, and……Lolololol

  25. Vicki says

    Thank you for this chance to win a mixer, I would love to win one because I don’t have one .I always have to borrow my mom’s. I love the color too.

  26. Gloria Richards. says

    Oh my goodness, what would I make? I have so many recipes that I want to try and what could be better than to make them with a Kitchenaid Mixer??? Talk about heaven in the kitchen!!!!! :)

  27. donna giblin says

    I have just recently found your blog and just love it. I actually want to win this for my daughter as I already have one and could not live without it. I use it at least 5 times a week…..
    Thank you for the chance,

  28. Diane Troxell says

    I’ve been wanting to make some homemade rye bread. And I feel a batch of chocolate chip cookies coming on.

  29. Jess Cadena says

    LOTS of things! Oh my! I’ve seen my gma use hers for breads, well any kind of dough really. Mixing her meat for meatloaf. My kitchen NEEDS one of these :D

  30. Alyssa says

    My dream is have matching red kitchen appliances, and this could kick start it nicely! I’ve never had a stand mixer and would love not having to use my hand mixer anymore!!

  31. Nicole Daw says

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time but didn’t want to spend the money! I hope that I win!

  32. Jessica says

    I have always wanted one of these! I would make lots of fresh bread and try out different kinds of cookies! Love the color!

  33. Mary Simpson says

    I would make soooooo much yummy stuff. Cakes, rolls, I use my moms to shred chicken and it is wonderful.

  34. olivia says

    I would LOVE win this awesome mixer for my best friend! She wants to open her own bakery. She loves cupcakes! I think this would help her get started:)

  35. Lana says

    My daughter just ot a KA stand mixer from her dad for graduating from Berkeley! It just does not seem fair that I have never had one:) Oh, the breads I would make, the sausages, the pasta…

  36. Amy Malik says

    My current kitchenaide mixer is on its last leg. It was the 3rd one for our restaurant and now in our home kitchen it moans & groans when I make bread or double cake batters. I would make Puff Loafs in a variety of flavours for my daughter’s school in their upcoming bake sale.

  37. Lorynn R. says

    I would make a red velvet cake (my husband’s favorite) from scratch with some delicious cream cheese icing. Then I would experiment with some gluten-free recipes I have been wanting to try!

  38. Dottie says

    Energized by a bright red KitchenAid mixer to bake like crazy and serve up some more creative treats for friends and family.

  39. Meg says

    What would I make with this mixer? I’d make my life easier. Trying to squeeze the baking side into my work with the smaller mixer we have is a nightmare. over 100+ cookies and brownies in a day while also running the phones isn’t easy, but it’s gotta get done. I’d be able to work so much faster and more efficiently if I had this mixer.

  40. GingerLee says

    As I have my moms old hand mixer, this would be amazing. :) my husband loves Cheesecake, so that would probably be the first thing is make.

  41. Debi says

    Such a wonderful giveaway, thank you for the opportunity to win! I would make a cake. My KitchenAid is still going..barely, after 20 + years. I’d love to have a new one!

  42. Rocki says

    A bright red KitchenAid is a dream machine that I know will increase the volume of cookies, cakes and other treats to share with friends and family. Get the motor running!

  43. Safiya says

    I would make sooo much with this mixer. It’s always easier to use a mixer when you have to stiff egg whites, and stuff like that.

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