Low-fat banana brownies

Low-fat banana brownies recipe from Roxanashomebaking.com Moist rich chocolate-y brownies sweetened with mash bananas. Easy, one bowl brownies.

I hated when we were left without power.

I wasn’t worried I had no AC and outside there were over 100 degrees, my first thought was : my phone is not charged! and so is my Ipad and laptop. I can’t get online :(

I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but that’s the truth.

Turns out, it was a beautiful thing to break away few days from the world of technology.

Nowadays, with a click of a button hundreds of eyes can see where and what are you up to.

I decided it was time for a much needed break.

Low-fat banana brownies recipe from Roxanashomebaking.com Moist rich chocolate-y brownies sweetened with mash bananas. Easy, one bowl brownies.

I caught up on my sleep (if you’re a parent you know what a great feeling that is), read, visited a couple of antique shops I had my heart set on for a long time, took Tiffany at the water park, found a new ice-cream shop. Little things that I didn’t have time before for.

To hubby’s surprise I didn’t caught up on laundry and/or other house chores, but hey, that’s why there’s tomorrow, right?

Low-fat banana brownies recipe from Roxanashomebaking.com Moist rich chocolate-y brownies sweetened with mash bananas. Easy, one bowl brownies.

And speaking of breaks, today I’m breaking free from the calorie-loaded brownies, bringing you a low-fat version.

These brownies are loaded with mashed bananas to keep them moist and also to reduce the amount of sugar. The egg whites keep them fluffy and the oat bran and whole wheat pastry flour add to the daily grain servings. Did I mention they are butter and egg yolk free?

Some people like their brownie fudge-y, some like it cake-y. These are a combo between the two. Although no chocolate is called for, the cocoa powder gives is a nice brown color. They are delicious plain or served with some fresh fruit for a more colorful plate.

If you have a chocolate lover at home or if you’re one but you don’t want to add some extra calories to your diet, this is your go-to recipe.

Low-fat banana brownies recipe from Roxanashomebaking.com Moist rich chocolate-y brownies sweetened with mash bananas. Easy, one bowl brownies.

Low-fat banana brownies

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 35 minutes

1 hour

Yield: one 11X7 baking pan

Low-fat banana brownies

Low-fat banana brownies recipe - moist rich chocolate-y brownies sweetened with mash bananas


  • 1/3 cup (1 oz/28 grams) cocoa powder
  • 3/4 cup (150 grams) raw sugar
  • 1/3 cup (80 ml) fat-free milk
  • 2 cups mashed bananas (about 4 ripe bananas )
  • 5 eggs whites lightly beaten with a pinch of salt
  • 3/4 cup (100 grams) oat bran
  • 3/4 cup (90 grams) whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder


  1. Heat the oven to 350F. Line a 11X7 baking pan with parchment paper (I prefer the pan lining paper from Reynolds). Set aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl sift together the whole wheat flour with cocoa.
  3. Add the sugar, oat bran, baking powder. In another bowl mix the milk with the bananas and egg whites. Slowly fold them into the dry ingredients.
  4. Pour the batter into the prepared baking pan and bake for about 35 minutes.
  5. Cool completely in the pan before slicing. Dust with powder sugar before serving (optional).

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  1. says

    Yes, breaks are always welcome on this end too and I am glad that your power outage turn out to be fun. Now those brownies are just pure love. Banana and chocolate, and on top of it law fat…mmm this must be very very good!
    Beautiful pics as always, Roxy!

  2. The Mom Chef says

    Welcome back! Bravo on taking time off, too, though I’m sorry that you were without air conditioning during the stifling heat. It would be hard to be totally cut off though. We have a hand crank powered radio that has an attachment for charging hand-held devices. For emergencies only, of course, because I’d never want my phone to die if we were without power.

    Anyhow, I can’t believe how moist those brownies look for low fat! Absolutely delicious. I need to go check if I have any bananas left and head over to Steve’s blog immediately!

  3. Tanantha says

    I just baked banana bread the other day. These brownies are a great way to use banana and they are so healthy. Great recipe, Roxanna!

  4. Baker Street (@bakerstreet29) says

    Welcome back! these brownies look amazing! So glad you got that much needed break! :)

  5. says

    Funny how we don’t take breaks like that unless we’re forced too, and yet they are so restorative! I’m off to read your guest post. These brownies look so moist. Have a good weekend!

  6. says

    A break from this techie world sonds impossible since we are bombaded by it but it’s so nice you were shle to catch a break…i wish i can too…it would be a different experience…

    Thsese brownies look just like actual yummy brownies. I would never have guessed there were bananas in them!!! Soooo cool!

  7. says

    Hope everything is back to normal my friend. I know I wouldn’t have caught up on chores, either :) And your brownies look so moist and decadent…who’d have guessed they were low fat? You’ve worked your magic once again!

  8. Bonnie Banters says

    I lost my internet connection for over 24 hrs. and just got it back last night (bad weather)! The most frustrating thing in the world! I secretly anticipate bad winter storms that keep you inside, so I can catch up on chores!…just don’t take my power away!

    Who doesn’t like banana baked goods…add some chocolate, and you have a real winner! Nice alternative to applesauce brownies!

  9. says

    We were without if for a week due to the move, and actually I wasn’t missing it. I think it is good to make some low-fat treats, I’m gonna keep saying I’m on a diet until I actually believe it. Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. says

    Beautiful looking low fat brownies, that’s for sure! I’m always trying to use bananas in my baking so I’m very happy you’ve shared this recipe! Have a wonderful weekend;-)

  11. themessybakerblog says

    Sounds like you had a lovely break. These brownies look decadent and delicious. I bet you can’t even tell they have fewer calories than a regular brownie.

  12. Priscilla | She's Cookin' says

    Isn’t it amazing the things we discover when we are forced to take a tech break! I’m glad you didn’t spend it doing laundry – it can definitely wait until tomorrow 😉 Thanks for this recipe, Roxana, I use bananas in baking, but have never tried it in brownies. Enjoy your weekend1

  13. says

    Roxana, nice to hear your had a great break – I was thinking that it’s the only way to stay away from internet nowadays… for me, go to mountains where there is no reception… Love the brownies and going to check your guest post and Steve’s blog as I’m not familiar with his blog (by the way, the link of “Steve’s blog” is incorrect. :-)

  14. Suzanne Platt (@YouMadeThatblog) says

    I love brownies and low-fat is good for me especially when I really need to get on a diet ;p
    So nice that you didn’t complain a lot about the power outage I would have really been complaining since I’m not a heat lover unless it’s tropical and I’m laying on a beach.

  15. myfudoteam says

    I definitely can relate to what a few hours of “real” sleep entails. I miss that much. I love what you said about a lot of things that need done, but that is what tomorrow is for…thanks for letting me wink over my to-do list. This brownie recipe is a much needed break too. From all the chocolatey, hi calorie recipes I am always craving for. Thanks for sharing. Gonna try this real soon.
    Yes you are right with the fast paced technology we have nowadays, a few clicks and you can reach a lot more people. How timely!…

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    We’d love you to join the latest virtual shindig that is all about food photography, food in general, recipes, and culinary trends. We’d be proud to have your work as part of our growing collection to continue to have a larger reach and further inspire all fellow food lovers out there! Please sign up and check us out (it’s free) http://www.yumgoggle.com/gallery . We look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures, as always.
    We normally would never be posting links to our comments but we will be really thrilled if you can join us!

    p.s. We are hosting a Kitchen Aid Mixer Giveaway to celebrate our new Yumgoggle site, coming soon in our launch post, we hope you’ll participate =)

  16. says

    I’m glad you had a nice break Roxana. I’ve been taking more breaks from being constantly online, partially due to a lack of time lately, but partly by choice, and I feel so much more relaxed as a result. I think we all need a break from being constantly connected.

    Love your lovely low fat brownies. This means I can have more right 😀

  17. Jennifer Laceda (@jenlaceda) says

    Seriously, you got me at low-fat! This is like the dream recipe: all the chocolate-y goodness from cocoa + a hit of sweet bananas but minus the guilt! Amazeballs!!!

  18. says

    everyone deserves break and specially a Mom! I know how crazy attached we are to the social virtual world. At times we should break free :)

  19. says

    Roxana, love these healthier low-fat brownies! So great being a mother isn’t it? I’ve had so many days where the laundry doesn’t get done (today is another one of them ;)).

  20. says

    Those breaks are nice–it’s a pity that it sometimes has to be forced on us for us to be able to take them. I’m more attached to technology than I would like to admit and am always reluctant to be away from the computer or my phone but when I do take those self-imposed breaks I enjoy the time so much. It renews me and I actually feel relaxed–something I don’t seem to feel very much these days because I’m always on to the next project for the blog.

    I really like the idea of these brownies–low fat with bananas. You know how I love bananas in my sweet recipes.

    Hope you’re having a great week. :)

  21. barbarabakes says

    I love brownies and bananas, so this sounds like a match made in heaven. One day I need to take a break too.

  22. Peg Palys says

    Another snow day today so I decided to make these low fat banana brownies…..absolutely delicious!!! My new fix for the sweet tooth!!!!

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