Romanian dried fruit swirl bread

A brioche like bread, rich from the butter and eggs with a soft crumb this dried fruit swirl bread baked around the holidays Romanian dried fruit swirl bread recipe

Today’s post is hard to write. I’ve had a couple of attempts but after few short sentences the teary eyes forced me to think of something else.

I’m a very emotional person and around the holidays I’m even worse. Those of you that aren’t spending holidays with your family might understand me better. As some of you know I know live in Central Virginia with my beautiful daughter and amazing husband but the rest of my family is half way across the world and I haven’t seen them in over a year and the last time we spent holidays together was years ago.

I have a ton of wonderful Christmas memories with my big family. We were that family of 20-25 that had dinner together at every holiday and did Sunday lunch as often as possible. Now, I’m lucky I get to video-chat with them.

One of the holidays memories is watching my mom make “cozonac” the Romanian swirl bread.

The bread is a brioche like bread, rich from the butter and eggs with a soft crumb and filled with fruit. My mom used to make it with Turkish Delight but I haven’t found it lately at the ethnic store. She also used to make a poppy-seed filling. No matter what you decide to fill the bread with you really should make it.

The technique is a little different, but i’m pretty sure it’s also easy to follow and understand.

To get the recipe you’ll have to follow me to my friend Lora where I’m guest posting today. (click on the link or on the photo below)


Romanian Swirl Bread



A brioche like bread, rich from the butter and eggs with a soft crumb this dried fruit swirl bread baked around the holidays


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  1. christie says

    I like to bake ciabatta or a stout chocolate cherry bread that’s fantastic!

    *crosses fingers* This baking hoor needs a new scale! :)

  2. Kitchen Belleicious says

    oh the bread looks like perfection! The swirl, the dried fruits, it all looks amazing and perfect for a holiday breakfast!

  3. Mirela Rugina says

    Iti urmaresc de multa vreme retetele, multe din ele le-am incercat si eu, iti multumesc pentru ele ! Reteta de cozonaci si mai ales textul introductiv m-au facut sa-ti scriu in romana, sa-ti multumesc personal si sa iti urez sa ai parte de Sarbatori Fericite !

    • says

      Sarbatori fericite si tie Mirela.
      Imi este greu acum in prag de sarbatori, dar ma hranesc cu amintiri si cozonac.
      Multumesc pentru mesaj, mi-ai facut ziua mai frumoasa


  4. patricia van dyke says

    this bread looks delicious. I love to make beau monde bread. also have never owned a scale, but would love to have one. Thanks for the opportunity

  5. Lora @cakeduchess says

    I love your beautiful Romanian bread, Roxy. I know how you feel about writing the post. I appreciate you sharing with my readers your recipe and love all you do. xoxo

  6. Norma says

    I don’t have a favorite bread for the holidays, but I do love pumpkin pie. It’s the only time of year it’s baked, I’m the only one who likes it, so it’s special to me to bake one this time of year and enjoy every bite of it all by myself! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and have a happy, healthy and wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  7. Anita at Hungry Couple says

    It must be hard to be separated from your families and all the memories that brings up. But just think about all the wonderful new memories you’re now creating for your daughter. The bread looks great.

  8. DiAnne Sundberg says

    I also have a hard time at Christmas, missing those that have passed on! I try that much harder to make the holidays special for family now!Thank you for sharing!

  9. Anne says

    My favorite holiday bread is stollen, for which I make the dough in the bread machine and shape it by hand. Kinda cheating, but it’s still good.

  10. DO says

    My favorite desert would have to be a hummingbird cake. I haven’t met a person yet that doesn’t like it warm out of the oven. And, it is great with whipping cream or icing, with vanilla or walnut ice cream, or just as a coffeecake and no icing at all. It will serve as a desert, a coffee desert, or as a snack when you are peckish. Cannot top it for versatility,. YUM!

  11. Jan says

    I’m making Holiday Wreaths. Also with butter and eggs…but I just used candied cherries as I’m not too fond of the citrus that comes in the mixed fruits. Good thing I know how to braid!

  12. Amanda says

    They aren’t the fanciest bread you’ll ever eat, but my great-grandmother’s recipe for refrigerator rolls is still made every Christmas. Biting into one of those big fluffy rolls just dripping with butter tastes like childhood Christmas dinners.

  13. Hillarey Tulip says

    It has to be a traditional fruitcake with all the candies fruit. It’s my absolute favorite and I know I’m in the minority on that.

    • says

      Good morning Hillarey,
      Congratulations! You’re the winner of the Orka digital scale! Please email me your address to have it sent your way soon!


  14. Anne Hernandez says

    The recipe sounds wonderful – I can’t wait to try a couple of variations – but thank you for sharing your family tradition. The stories of love and family are what make the foods delicious.

  15. Rosanne says

    I don’t bake bread. There are stores and bakeries but for my granddaughters sake I bake cherry or raspberry pies or brownies or chocolate chip cookies. I love baked good but too lazy to do the work

  16. Charlene says

    Hello Roxana,
    I love bread baking–just stumbled onto your site. Do you have a good recipe for a bread with Kalamata Olives? I think one bread I tried included some whole grain flour..
    thank you!

  17. Louis says

    my favorite holiday treat: baking vanilla almond crescents
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  18. says

    My digital scale broke when ‘someone’ played with it and put something way to heavy on it and then pushed buttons continuously. I so desperately need a new one! I don’t suppose that delicious bread is a loser’s consolation prize, is it? It looks amazing. 😉

  19. Sheila Fretz says

    I make cinnamon raisin bread. I have been trying to make glutenfree but not converting yo well. I guess I need a scale.

  20. cassidy says

    During the holidays, I have so many recipes that I love to bake. One that stands out this year, though, is shortbread.

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