A&W Root Beer Floats

Despite its rocky start with tornado warnings, floods and thunderstorms that made me think we’re living in the rainforest, hot summer days are upon us. And that only means one thing. Ice-cream is a must every.single.day! Add some root beer to the picture and you’re the best mom ever!

Root Beer Floats are a perfect way to beat the heat this summer.

Stay cool this summer with these easy to make A&W Root Beer Floats

I absolutely LOVE hosting playdates at my house. We try to do it once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Now that the hot sun is out and my backyard is just perfect for slip and slide you can bet we’re calling our friends over as often as we can!

The other week we had 3 playdates in one week. Yes! I said 3! Good thing I had four containers of Edy’s ice-cream in the freezer and a dozen cans of A&W root beer I had bought from my local Walmart. It was the perfect time to start making some root beer floats!

Stay cool this summer with these easy to make A&W Root Beer Floats

To make the perfect root beer floats you need the best ingredients. A&W root beer is a must! It’s the absolute best root beer and if you want my honest opinion, than pick the canned one! Makes the highest mountain of foam on top of the glass.

The second ingredient to the perfect root beer float is the ice-cream! Edy’s ice-cream does the job just right! It comes in so many varieties and you can pretty much find it at any grocery store. Here’s a $1 off coupon when you buy 2 ice-cream containers.

Start the root beer float process by placing the glasses in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Make sure the glasses don’t touch each other. If you are short on time, just place a scoop of ice cream in the glass and wait a few minutes until it’s melted and swirl it around to chill the glass.

Carefully add 1-2 scoops of Edy’s ice-cream. Everyone has a different request of ice-cream flavor but my favorite one was the caramel delight! Oh my! Heavenly!

Stay cool this summer with these easy to make A&W Root Beer Floats

Stay cool this summer with these easy to make A&W Root Beer Floats

Once the ice-cream is scooped in the chilled glass slowly pour the A&W root beer. When the foam reaches the top of the glass, stop pouring the root beer add a straw and quickly handle the glass to the closest kid or do some taste testing on your own.

Start sipping the root beer float until you either ran out of root beer (that’s why I prefer the canned version of A&W, each kid can leave with one can and refresh the float on their own) or until you get a brain freeze from drinking it too fast. (I absolutely hate when that happens)

To make the root beer float extra special you can top it with another scoop of ice-cream! My absolute favorite way to enjoy a root beer float!

Stay cool this summer with these easy to make A&W Root Beer Floats

If you worry about the calories in the root beer floats, relax! For a skinny root beer float use A&W TEN (yes, it has only 10 calories a serving) and Edy’s slow churned ice-cream which comes in lots of varieties and has only half the fat!

You’re welcome!

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  1. says

    Yes and yes! Jason is OBSESSED with root beer. So obsessed that I can’t even stand it! I honestly can’t even go near root beer with a 10-ft pole but seeing as how much he likes it, I’ll have to make this for him. He’ll go crazy for it!

  2. Joanne T Ferguson says

    G’day! Used to LOVE this when I was little too!
    have VERY fond summertime memories and your photo and recipe allowed me to remember them today, TRUE!
    Cheers! Joanne

  3. Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers says

    I love root beer floats, they are my favorite kind of float! Yours looks amazing!

  4. Frances says

    I love root beer floats, but for those who are lactose intolerant like me there is a solution. I use Breyers lactose free vanilla ice cream–it works like a charm. For the root beer I use Walmart’s Great value root beer in the small cans–just enough for a float. If you like shakes instead of floats just mix these 2 together in a blender and you have a yummy rootbeer shake.

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