Snowmen cookie pops

Today, my friend Callye is going to show us how to make the most adorable snowmen cookie pops.


Hi, I am Callye and I’m obsessed with cookie decorating. Cookie decorating is a major part of my every day life and I write about my adventures in royal icing over on my blog, The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle. Believe it or not, I’ve never participated in a real cookie exchange, so when I was invited to a virtual exchange I jumped at the chance!

For most people cookie decorating is not an everyday thing, but with Christmas on the way there’s no better time than to pull out your cutters and piping bags.

Snowman Cookie PopsOne of the things I really emphasize on my blog is simple designs and using common cutters. For these cookies all you need are a simple round cutter.

Begin by baking cookie pops using your favorite cut-out cookie recipe and peppermint striped cookie sticks, which can be purchased here. If you don’t have a go-to recipe, you can find mine here.

Cookie pops can be a little tricky, so if you need a little help with that, click here. If all else fails, leave out the stick. They’re adorable even without them.

Once the cookies are baked, whip up a batch of royal icing {in this case a half batch is probably best} and you’re ready to begin.

To decorate these cookies you will need:

  • White piping and flood icing
  • Black piping icing
  • Orange piping icing

Begin by outlining the cookie with a #2 piping tip. Fill with white flood icing. Let the cookie dry completely. This can take 8-10 hours.

Snowman Cookie Pops 1When the base is dry, use black piping icing and a #2 tip to add eyes and a smile, being sure to leave room for a nose. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the expressions.

Snowman Cookie Pops 2Finish up with an orange carrot nose. Isn’t it amazing how a single detail can completely transform a cookie?

Snowman Cookie Pops 3If you’re a more experienced or adventurous baker, take things up a notch by using other cutters {in this case a common snowman} to make snowmen with hats.

Snowman Cookie Pops 4Decorated cookies take a bit of practice, so if you need a little help with the basics, check out these posts:

To learn more, you can always hop on over to my blog. I love making new friends! Thank you Roxanna for inviting me to share my love of cookie decorating with you and your friends!

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Thank you Callye for your wonderful tutorial.

You can keep up with Callye via her blog | facebook | pinterest | twitter





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