Strawberry poke cake (made from scratch)

With its pretty red stripes, this made-from-scratch poke cake drenched in strawberry flavored syrup and topped with whipped topping will be a hit with everyone.
With its pretty red stripes, this made-from-scratch poke cake drenched in strawberry flavored syrup and topped with whipped topping will be a hit with everyone.

Poke cake remind me of my mom. I can not see a recipe for poke cake and not think of her. If I close my eyes I see her pouring the syrup (usually rum or vanilla) over the cake and waiting for it to be soaked in before pouring some more. Despite the fact I was not curious on how to make the cake at an early age, I loved watching her.

For me, she was the best cake maker ever!

Fast forward lots of years, shortly after I came to US while thumbing a magazine I saw a poke cake make with Jell-o. I had no idea what jello was but loved the beautiful colored ribbons in the cake. I kept the magazine to make the cake when I felt brave enough. I still haven’t got around to make that particular cake since I almost never have a boxed white cake mix in the pantry, but in the meantime I learned how to make a poke cake completely from scratch. 

Strawberry poke cake recipe (made from scratch)The cake part is adapted from my mom’s famous cake while the pretty colorful ribbons are made using a Jell-o based syrup. Strawberry is one of my favorite, but I’m sure you can use whatever flavor you prefer.

Top the cake with a generous amount of whipped topping and fresh fruit. A quick note on the fresh fruit. To prevent the fruit from oxidation (I feel so grown up using this fancy word) it’s better to decorate with the fruit just before serving.

To get the recipe, hop over to Imperial Sugar

Strawberry poke cake


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  1. Dawn Hurtado says

    Yours is one of the blogs I never get tired of reading. It’s always so down to earth and interesting. You had me hooked on the Fudge Pie recipe! Thanks so much for so many great recipes!!!

    • Dawn Hurtado says

      OOPS. Forgot to say what I would buy.. a Kitchenaid Mixer with paddles! I have an old Oster stand mixer and it’s served me well and still works great but oh how I want those paddles.

  2. Brenda Dickson says

    If I won this contest. I would buy many books that I have been waiting quite a while to purchase.

  3. Emily says

    I love that cooking and baking is going back to these “retro” recipes! The new Comfort Foods are all of those delicious, simple tastes straight out of our Grandmother’s and Mom’s kitchen. I love it when updates and fresh takes are created – it makes me feel less like a copycat and more like a Mom putting her own spin on my kids’ future retro recipes!

    • Emily says

      Oh, also – I would buy my mom the set of Downton Abbey on bluray (so expensive, but so good!!) and a photo editing software update for my super creative, technologically-savvy mother-in-law!

  4. Amy H says

    I’d buy lots of cookbooks since I can never have enough! Maybe some kitchen gadgets I’ve had on my wishlist too.

  5. Erin weinert says

    I would buy my mom a new set of knives,bakeware and pans! She loves to cook and has been needing those items for so many years!

  6. Mary Kay Pate says

    I would buy, an personalized urn and picture frame, I just lost my 13 yrs old toy poodle. She was the only child I’ll ever have. I’m the mamma she will always know. My mama passed.. So this year, it’s kinda heartbreaking.

  7. Jen B says

    I would love to attempt your mom’s recipe :-) I would buy books and things on my wish list I’ve been wanting!

  8. Susan Hoffmann says

    I would buy some pretty spring clothes and accessories which I have not been able to do so

  9. Tina says

    I would buy educational dvds for my nieces to watch and travel dvds for myself as I enjoy watching those a great deal

  10. Amanda Simmons says

    This is looks so yummy!!

    With the gift card I would buy a couple of new dresses and certain household items I can only find on Amazon.

  11. says

    I would buy books, a new Kitchen Aid mixer, and if possible, a rolling island for my kitchen to work at and store my kitchen items. I have such a tiny kitchen that it is impossible to enjoy being in it.

  12. Christa M. says

    I would use the Amazon gift card to buy home school curriculum for sure! The Strawberry poke cake looks so good! I will definitely have to make this one! :)

  13. Stephanie H. says

    I would probably either buy a KitchenAid mixer, a keurig, a new stainless steel/non-stick cooking set or whatever new item that my mother wanted for the kitchen. She loves her kitchen devices :)

  14. Jess O says

    My friend desperately needs a new laptop, so I’ve been saving up to get him one for his birthday this summer. This would put me at my goal!

  15. Candice L says

    Hmmm…its hard to think of just what my mom would like. But I’m taking my stand mixer with me when I move in a few months (right now it’s in my mom’s kitchen) so I think getting her a new one would be awesome!

  16. michelle a says

    I would get baking equipment! That cake looks so good I cant wait to try it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Pam Gurganus says

    If I win the $300 Amazon gift card, I’ll put it towards buying a KitchenAid stand mixer! Thank you for the awesome giveaway opportunity! :)

  18. Claire says

    I’ve really needed a new camera for my YouTube channel ACEPnK… Abby, Elisa, and I have really been saving up and this is a perfect oppurtinity to improve our channel.

  19. gloryjj says

    I’m not sure about all of it but with part of it I would buy different types of foodstuff that I can’t find locally. I love to play in the kitchen and try recipes from other cultures. Some of those ingredients they just don’t carry in the regular grocery stores so when I need them, I head for Amazon. :)

  20. Jayne says

    P.S. If I won this, I would probably buy some new car items and some baby items for my friend who is due in a couple months :)

  21. Gail Hedrick says

    I would love to redo my kitchen countertop. I would put the money toward that. I have made these cakes with all kinds of flavors, great for the 4th and summer parties..

  22. Karen D says

    First I’d buy a slow cooker, because mine doesn’t work properly. Then probably other kitchen items that I would like to have.

  23. katrina c. says

    I’d buy A LOT of raw unprocessed honey!!! MMMMM…..much to the rest of my family’s dismay. But I’d get them some much needed necessities, like socks, underwear etc…

  24. Kristine Benson says

    I would buy a birthday present for my hubby…..and baking related supplies if there was any leftover!! 😀

  25. Annette Ancel-Wisner says

    This cake looks lovely! I would buy some new baking supplies and some items I can’t seem to find in my small town. Thank you!

  26. Acashia says

    Oh my gosh Roxana. If I won there is a few things I might buy. I am in real need of a new camera, BUT I am soooo wanting a a mixer, I right now use a hand held, :( but I also want soooo badly a juicer or a new ninja. :) Either way it would be fabulous.

  27. Jeanette says

    I would really love to buy my mom a new set of pots for mother’s day. Her’s are almost twelve years old. D=

  28. Lisa Aliperti says

    I have a daughter graduating and a daughter getting married- both in June. Gift from Amazon would be awesome!

  29. Merry says

    Some cookbooks and baking supplies! I just moved into an apartment with a larger kitchen, so I’m upgrading my minimalist kitchen tool collection.

  30. Mary Karas says

    I have a large wishlist at Amazon of items I’d like for scrapbook and paper crafting. I’d love to get a big box of coveted goodies from Amazon!

  31. Jannine Fisk says

    The gift I have always wanted to give to my Mom is a gift of piano lessons. She has always loved the piano and never learned to play. Now that she is older, she doesn’t feel it’s worth spending the money on lessons so I would love to gift them to her so she can fulfill her lifelong dream of being able to play. Thanks for a great opportunity!

  32. Nadine Osborne says

    For myself I’d buy new glass mixing bowls, and a vegetable pasta !maker. I would buy items for my granddaughter who will be setting up her first apartment in July.

  33. Heidi Reid says

    New mixer and all the music and CD’s on my wish list!!! Oh and some cookbooks too for the new mixer :)

  34. Dominique W. Brooks says


    I am trying to reorganize my pantry and kitchen. I would buy some canisters so I can get it together!

  35. Belinda Joseph Okoh says

    Thanks Roxanna, for all your inspiring cakes and bakes. If I won the $300 (its quite a sum here) I would buy an oven and a multi- purpose blender. And any leftover can be used for other girly things or be put into school work. Much love

  36. Sharon Newberry says

    I just now discovered your blog when I clicked to get the recipe for “made from scratch” strawberry poke cake. I love made from scratch recipes, but despise cake mix recipes. They all taste bad to me. I’m going to use that recipe this morning for my son who’s coming to see me this evening.

    If I were to be your winner I would use it to replace my microwave which suddenly gave up the ghost last week, OR, purchase an enameled cast iron dutch oven, larger than the old one I have.

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