Bread Baking 101 – Ingredients

bread baking 101 - ingredients

As promised, I’m back with another post, part 2 of my Bread Baking 101 series. Today I’m going to talk about the commonly used ingredients. Since I don’t want to turn this into a mile long post I’m going to divide it in three parts : liquid, salt, sugar and fat today, all about flour… 

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Baking Bread 101 – Equipment

bread baking 101

Before I begin this 4 posts series I want to say I’m not compensated by any of the companies I’m going to refer to, not was I given free products. I’ve never taken bread baking classes or any baking classes. Everything it’s from my own experience. p.s. If you live in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia and Illinois you may wanna check these… 

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Behind the apron – Baking pans

baking pans |

Few days ago I asked on Facebook what would you like me to talk about in “behind the apron” October post and since most of you replied bakeware, here I’m, talking about baking pans. The bakeware subject is pretty long so I decided to divide it into 2 (or even three) posts. Today I’m show you… 

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