Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting

Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting |

No matter how many classes you have, no matter how many books your read, there’s one thing you can learn just by practicing : how to be the best parent you can be.

It was a sunny November morning when we left the comfort of our house to meet the one that was about to change our lives forever.

It’s been two years now. Two wonderful years, we may say most of the time. There were times we were scared, tired, overwhelmed, but your smile kept us going. After all, everything goes better with hugs, laughs and silly things.

After a year of firsts, this year you have improved your vocabulary and learned how to ride your tricycle, walk the stairs independently, play ballie, climb all over the house furniture and you’ve even mastered the cell phone apps. 

Over the past year we have stayed up late many nights when you weren’t feeling so well, and often Mom helped to comfort you from bad dreams – laying beside you until you felt safe to
fall asleep. There were nights when Mom was so exhausted after keeping you calm and restful, that she lacked many hours of needed sleep… Although tired and sometimes weary, she always tends to you Tiffany and mentions that she cherishes every moment regardless of the circumstances.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting |

Everyday and everywhere we turn, we see your remarkable growth and love of learning, and it brings quite the joy to Mom and Dad’s hearts. We can’t wait to share the third Christmas with you; this ought to be a very interesting Christmas! 
On your path to learn, you refuse to bow to hopelessness or failure. We marvel at your strength, persistence and love of life. Each day you bring something new to us, something interesting and exciting – never seen from you before, and laughter is our reward. You show us the gift of life is priceless, timeless and should never be taken for granted.

The greatest gift in life you can give someone is to be present. We’ve enjoyed every moment and every gift given us of watching you grow in these first two years! 

Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting |

Thank you for being patience with us. Being parent is not as easy as we thought, but we’re doing our best. I wonder if there’s such thing as perfect parent. Most importantly, Thank You for choosing us as your parents. 

Happy belated Birthday Tiffany and Happy Holidays! 

I made these cupcakes earlier this month when we celebrated Tiffany’s second birthday. To get the recipe please click the link below. 

Raspberry Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting |

I wish you all a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


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  1. Terra says

    So beautiful Roxana! Tiffany is so lucky to have you, you sound amazing:-) AND your cupcakes look fantastic:-) Love the pictures, really beautiful! Hugs, Terra

  2. Kitchen Belleicious says

    what a fun and whimsical post. I love the cupcakes. Anything involving cupcakes and raspberries is on my I heart list!

  3. Becky says

    Happy Belated Birthday wishes to Tiffany! Two years old is such an age of wonderment and discovery for both the child and parent. sounds like your doing well with Tiffany. Her cupcakes are gorgeous!

  4. Dionne Baldwin says

    Happy Belated Birthday Tiffany! My how life changes when we have our wee one. It's not such a cliche now that I have experienced it for myself. I hope you all have the best holiday season yet, my friend! <3

  5. Sandra says

    Awwww how sweet Roxy..I know that you are the best mom in the world! And those cupcakes look like a perfect gift for girls B-day! Happy belated Birthday Tiff!!!

  6. Katherine Martinelli says

    So sweet!! It sounds like you are marvelous parents and no, there is no such thing as the perfect parent! I hope Tiffany had a very happy birthday! These cupcakes look just wonderful, so pretty. Have a great weekend!

  7. Curry and Comfort says

    What a beautiful post and cupcake. My daughter would love these as well!! Job well done! I wanted to mention that you have an award at my blog dated 11-22 (Cranberry Chutney post). :) I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  8. Elisabeth says

    Hi Roxana-just one question? Why are you wishing your little Tiffany a "Happy belated Birthday?"
    Were you not around for her birthday? (actually that's 2 questions, now)

    You are a great mom…loving, caring, and there for your family, and especially for your precious little daughter. Those cupcakes are so adorable, just perfect for little ones to enjoy!

    Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your family!

  9. Priscilla - She's Cookin' says

    A loving post that you'll be able to look back on as Tiffany grows up :) Happy birthday to Tiffany and have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy, laughter, and love.

  10. Chef Dennis says

    I don't know what we would do with out Mothers, they give us all their love and time, tirelessly putting their own needs second to ours. Tiffany has been blessed to have such a wonderful caring mother!
    Happy belated birthday to Tiffany!
    Hope you and your family had a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

  11. Junia says

    wow those pictures are just beautiful! i love the adorable cupcake liners and the backdrop too :). tiffany is going to love these little posts dedicated to her when she grows up! happy belated thanksgiving!

  12. Guvi says

    Happy belated birthday to Bubu and Happy Thanksgiving to her parents! Called you tonight, put your answering machine to use! :))

  13. Heavenly Housewife says

    What beautiful birthday cupcakes, so pretty and finn! Any girly would be happy to get these on her special day!
    *kisses* HH

  14. Jean (Lemons and Anchovies) says

    Roxana, I can tell that you are a great mother to Tiffany, so I say good fortune is on her side too for having you as a parent. These raspberry cupcakes are beautiful. I bet they didn't last long! Happy Belated Birthday to Tiffany!

  15. Cookin' Canuck says

    What a lovely, heartfelt post – a gift your little girl will appreciate in years to come. Those cupcakes are adorable!

  16. Liren says

    Happy Birthday to Tiffany! I can't think of a better sweet treat to celebrate! Enjoy this amazing time, I just love this age. Each day is a joy :)

  17. says

    How sweet Roxana, Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl Tiffany. May you continue to have many many more wonderful memories together. Lovely looking cupcakes too :)

  18. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says

    Happy Birthday to your little girl! These cupcakes are perfect for a little girl, so pretty and pink!

  19. Toni (Boulder Locavore) says

    This is beyond precious! The cupcakes could not be cuter and your post….there aren't words. Isn't being a Mom the best?! Happy belated B'day to your munchkin.

  20. Cassie/Bake Your Day says

    The frosting is beautiful. I love raspberry. And happy birthday to your little one. I don't have kids yet but hopefully will someday!

  21. kita says

    Look at the awesome swirl you got in that frosting! Its beautiful. I have been behind on blog loving because I have no internet at home right now but I have missed you and your posts!!!

  22. Gloria says

    I’m trying to find your recipe for the delicious looking vanilla cupcakes with raspberry frosting but I can’t find a link that takes me to it. Can you help? Thank you!

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