German chocolate brownies

Decadent, fudge brownies topped with an irresistible gooey coconut pecan frosting. German chocolate brownies have and will be a guilty pleasure of mine. After trying this recipe, you’ll be hooked too!
German Chocolate Brownies - Decadent, fudge brownies topped with an irresistible gooey coconut pecan frosting

German chocolate brownies not only are a favorite of mine but have a special place in my heart also. Years ago, when I first came to US I bought myself a slice of German Chocolate Cake for my birthday. 3 layer chocolate cake filled with the most delicious coconut frosting I’ve ever tried. It was so good I ordered myself another slice.

Fast forward years later, while pregnant with Tiffany I remembered that German chocolate cake I had and one morning I rushed to the store, bought everything I needed to bake the cake and start making a disaster in the kitchen. My cake didn’t turned out as good as the one I had from the local bakery but it was the beginning of my baking adventures.

Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t had that chocolate craving, would this blog exist today? The answer I may never know.

German Chocolate Brownies - Decadent, fudge brownies topped with an irresistible gooey coconut pecan frostingSince my first attempt at making German chocolate cake I have tried different other recipes for German chocolate desserts but I have to say, making a pan of German chocolate brownies is by far my favorite. And this recipe from my friend Dorothy is a winner!

The brownie layer is rich, dense and fudgy just how I like my brownies and the frosting, of the frosting! Sweet, gooey, coconut frosting mixed with chopped pecans.

I could eat the whole pan all by myself! That’s how good they are!

German Chocolate Brownies - Decadent, fudge brownies topped with an irresistible gooey coconut pecan frosting

To get the recipe for these German chocolate brownies you have to visit my friend Dorothy’s blog

Crazy for Crust

German Chocolate Brownies Recipe


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