Pumpkin pie bars

Made with a rich and creamy pumpkin filling, these pie bars are a delicious twist of the classic pie and a nice way to feed a crowd without being too messy! And with only 6 ingredients they come together in no time!

Pumpkin pie bars  - only 6 ingredients needed! Pumpkin pie has and most likely will always be a favorite of my family right after we visit the local pumpkin patch. Every year, once we get back home and hubby is practicing his carving I whip up a quick pumpkin pie. I love pie but has always been one of those desserts no matter how careful I’m it just doesn’t turn out pretty.

Over years I tweaked the recipe to fit my taste buds. The pie filling was mind blowing delicious, the slices weren’t picture perfect. I needed to do find a solution so I can share the recipe with you.

I’m so relieved to tell you I found the solution! Instead of baking an entire pie I can make bars!

They are just as rich and creamy as a slice of pie. Easier to grab and eat. Prefect for gathering and most important they are gorgeous!!!

Just look at that silky smooth filling!

Pumpkin pie bars

These bars come together as fast as you count to 10. Not even kidding! Even my little lady bug can whip the filling!

I made these bars again a few weeks ago for my very first post on Pillsbury website as part of the We heart Makers group of food lovers!

To get the recipe shown in step by step photos click on the link below

Pumpkin Pie Bars


I have another surprise for you! Along with a close bloggy friends, we’re giving away a KitchenAid stand mixer!!



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Best of luck!

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  1. Lynne E. says

    I’m craving pumpkin pie so I will be making the pumpkin bars tonight! Winning the mixer would be a real bonus,…and a great gift for my newly wed daughter.

  2. kris says

    Thanks for the idea. My son (13today) really needs a 12step program for those that love pie. Luckily for him he can actually benefit from the extra fat and calories. And pumpkin is a favorite of his. I think I will try to tweak my goto pumpkin pie recipe which has eggnog in it and make it in a cake pan as bars instead of a pie plate. But I will have to think up an alternative to the canned croissant dough as I love croissants, but feel the canned dough doesn’t taste like the real thing and it leaves an aftertaste. Maybe a shortbread for a crust or a crust similar to what is used as the base for lemon bars would work for pumpkin pie bars…… I guess you will never know unless you try…

  3. Peggy Para says

    I’m excited to try the pumpkin bars. It will definitely be easier to feed a crowd. Hope I casn win the mixer. I love to cook and that would be a fantastic assest to my kitchen.

  4. Linda says

    I listened to the comments about it not setting up very well so I added another egg and it is perfectly yummy! Thanks for the recipe!

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